Exposed At The Hospital

I appreciate all the comments I got after sharing my first experience on here. I have a few more things I have done that I need to tell people about. I hadnt been able to stop thinking about being exposed in a hospital setting and finally worked up the courage to make up an excuse of having pain in my penis. I was terrified but could not take my mind off this.
As always I made sure was shaved right before doing it.... just so I was extra smooth... I went to the emergency room and had to explain to the two nurses at the desk that I have been having on again off again pain in my penis... I'm sure I was beat red at this point... I could feel how flushed my body was. I sat down and filled out paperwork and was totally embarrassed that these two girls knew I was going to have my penis looked at soon. A woman eventually came and got me, she was a nurse practitioner she said. She took me into a room and asked me questions about my pain. I stumbled over my words and was really nervous. She had me pull my pants and underwear down so she could give me a quick exam. I was mortified as she touched my penis.... I diddnt get hard... and was really shriveled... she asked me if I had noticed any atrophy in my testicles and I had to tell her that they were never very big. She asked me if I thought I needed to shave for the exam... and I told her no... that was just normal for me. I wanted to cry... She had me pull my pants up and told me the doctor would be in to see me soon. She said it would be a more thorough exam and I needed to put a gown on. I was freaking out getting naked... putting this stupid little piece of paper on... I was in there for a few minutes alone... wishing I wasn't such a sissy.. and diddnt get off on this type of exposure. When the woman came back in with the male doctor.... I diddnt expect them to both come in. I re explained to him the pain and she told him that I had underdeveloped testicles... I wanted to die.... I was sitting on the little table and he told me to lie on my back. My gown was lifted up and the doctor began touching me... It was horrible! The nurse and him disused that I was abnormally small... but that it probably had no bearing on my pain. He had me pull my legs up a bit so my feet were flat on the table... I felt so stupid... my naked *** exposed.. my tiny bald baby penis on display.. and my small balls being talked about! I layed there with my gown up ready to die... finally the nurse told me I could cover up and sit up. It seemed to me that they were enjoying themselves at my expense, but that could just be how I perceived it. The doctor left and the nurse sat with me for a few minutes to explain that there were no signs of trauma and that I needed to see a urologist. I could hardly pay attention.. all I could think about was that she knew my little secret... it was killing me. I finally got dressed and made my appointment for a urologist... which I will cancel. The experience was truly humiliating for me.
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Sounds like an absolutely mortifying experience. You sure you don't want a repeat at the urologist?

i'm sure they've seen it before, even the faking. that's why they dumped you out, your being shaved probably worked against you too.