Tiny ****

I would love to punish a man that has a small **** and embarass him in front of my boyfreind who has a much bigger **** than him.

MissStrict MissStrict
36-40, F
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Dear Miss Strict
Are you still looking for a willing person to punish and humiliate in front of your boyfriend?
I'm Purdi and I would willingly pander to your desire. I am under going gender change therapy, currently pre-op.
Thank you Miss Strict. (curtsy)

I have been punish in public by my girfriend with the help of her ex boyfriend in public.

add me im in

Hello I'm your man I have a inverted penis when limp and a whopping 2.5 inches hard. Get back to me

a lot of women feel that way about us little dicks

I live in Ottawa Canada if your in the area use me

ms strict i am the smallest of all these other 1 inch or less willing to to anything for you and your friends u and your gfs could even take turns kicking me in my little nuts

Hi ms Strict I am small as well only 3.5" and would find it very erotic to be humiliated in front of your bf who has a real mans big ****

i am 22 and have a small australian ****. i would love your comments on my pictures

please, please punish me I fit your profile exactly

i have small penis an i agree i should be an am punished<br />
im made to wear panties an at times my wife makes me ewear chastity device an have me exposed to her gfs

I'm 18 not really in to dressing as a girl but open to it i've always be degraded at the size of my **** by freinds even tied to a tree naked at a party and having the party goers smack my little 2 3/4 inch penis with a ruler Would love to be made to suck your bf infront of your freinds and or lick the *** out of you

i'm here for you.

Hi Miss Strict,<br />
<br />
I would love to show you mine, get back to meif u wanna see it x

Can I help by slapping the guy with the dicklet in the head with my 9 inches of limp ****? I'll do it until it gets hard enough to really knock the weakling out.

It has been a while since I had a girlfriend humiliate me about my size. I have been exposed in front of their friends and have been laughed at. The first thought that come to mind is a remark that came from one of my ex-gf's friends....she said "my bf **** is bigger limp than your tiny thing".....then giggles about it. One of my gf's friends would call me pinky while showing me her pinky finger.

Wow sounds like tooo much fun

i have a tiny one and webcam if u want to punish me on cam

Dear Ms. Strict,<br />
<br />
I hope you get to do that. I'm not quite 3 inches and i love to be exposed, mocked, made to watch the woman enjoy a real man, and then clean her with my tongue after. i also submit to almost any punishment with a few limits.

I would love to have you humiliate me in front of you and your boyfriend and his big **** and better yet it would be great if he had some friends over at the same time.

i would like to be this humiliated man ............... hummmmmmmmmmmmm !

I have no penis because I lost it in a Vietnam war injury years ago. However I love for women to humiliate me having no ****. penect@yahoo.com

That would be so humiliating! Being made to ***** naked, maybe even forced to dress up in a slutty french maid's outfit, whilst you and your well-hung boyfriend look on and laugh! It would be even worse if you did something wrong though- punished with a hard spanking or a caning, or maybe something even more demeaning........(!)

For me, i would love to serve You and your boyfriend as a house maid, dressed up as a french maid.<br />
At least something i would be adequate for.

cool !!!

Oh Miss Strict, I would love to have you expose my little 3" clitty after pulling my panties down and comparing it to your boyfriends! Maybe you would want to punish me for having such a little **** and being such a sissy girl. Please dress me in girlie clothes, put make-up on me and use me for your amusement Miss!<br />
<br />
sissy jennifer

I would love if you took me to parties or bars and made me drop my pants and ********** in front of others while they took pictures and laughed at me.

iam 4.5" on a good day if it is small enough for you miss it would be available for you to use as you wish

I would love too being exposed and humiliated publicly by a true Woman like You in parties or in front of Her all-female colleagues. Humiliation being only start, and punishment in the form of absolute obedience succeeding immediately.<br />
<br />
Thank you Mistress MissStrict

What sort of things would you make them do.................................?

Oh yeah, that's what I am talking about! Public humiliation. Exposing your small **** to an audience. Devine. I have emailed you x

Hello Miss Strict<br />
<br />
I would love for you to do that to me and take me to parties and have me drop my pants so everyone<br />
can have fun with it that would make you my greatest friend ever. were are you because I would really<br />
love to do that for you.<br />
<br />
Ps keep being the great woman you are love you my friend would like it if you keep in touch and would love to chat with you