I Want To...

I want to, but I'm a cautious soul.
I'd love to be able to post a few pictures up, so that people can put a face to my personality.
My dad barely knows of the site, but if he knew I'd be contemplating that, he would probably try to kill me (theoretically).
Yes, even though both of my parents barely know EP, I still converse and act accordingly as if they're watching my every move.
I know that putting a photo up can attract all kinds of people, so I'm trying to hold off putting one up for as long as possible.
I was thinking of asking on my 14th birthday but I still don't think that would work.
Why don't I just go behind backs? I'm just not that kind of person.
It's going to take a world of convincing, but I might wait a year or so.
When I'm perhaps a bit older and have more freedom with the internet.
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2 Responses Apr 8, 2012

Yeah I understand my parents kind off also don't know but its ok if you don't put a pic.

Thanks :D
I will one day, when I'm feeling a little more confident in the site and myself :D

I'm sure you look good. Just make it private so only friends can see it. I am your friend, I am curious how you look like.

Thanks. Yeah I will. Basically brown eyes, brown hair and I'm olive skinned :D

Lol, a picture would help.

Lol :D
I'm planning on putting a picture up, but if you read the story and took in the words, you can see the complications =D

I'll put a pretty picture up one day :D

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