Doing The Right Thing

I want to thank everyone that has been in my shoes as me. It is great to have friends that have been in the same shoes as me.

Being bullied isnt fun. It is like you dont deserve to be same environment as the other people. Because those bullies say all those say all those things and do all those things to you and it makes you feel less of a person. All of times, you believe the stuff they say is the truth. They make you feel like you are going to be nothing and not do anything special with your life.

I am afraid to tell people that I have Asperger's because I am afraid they are going to make fun of me. It would those bullies to have more to make fun of me. I have been bullied my whole life since elementary school. It sucks really bad.

You might think to yourself there isnt anything you can but I believe you.


I have learned through experience that they is only one thing you can do to shut those bullies up and it is to PROVE THEM WRONG!!!

By doing something with your life rather it is going to school or going into the work force, doing something that you might think is a crazy idea, go do it because it will set you apart from them. Like my idol the late great Charles"Mask"Lewis said,"It just takes one idea, to change your future, your kids future, and inspire other people. Just one idea." I believe in that by doing something special with your life, is the best thing you can do to PROVE THEM WRONG!!!

A crazy idea I had for a long time, taking those bullies and make them walk in the shoes of their victims. It would open their eyes to see what their victims go through everyday and see why they shouldnt ask the way they do towards them. I understand they might not like them but at least you can do is respect. Example is, one of their victims might come from a home where their parents are always fighting and stuff like that. School is their safe place. They dont need anyone being mean to them because they already have alot going on outside school and want to come to school to escape what they are going through.

I am not an angel or anything like that. I have made fun of people before but I regret doing it because I dont know what kind of life they have or anything like. If they are going through hard time and me being a jerk to them wont help the matters get better.

To all those people that have been bullied, remember that things will get better.

At the end of the day, whenever you are doing something special with your life and those bullies arent doing anything with their lifes, you came out on the top!!!!

Thanks to casperRae for making this group!!!

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4 Responses Oct 14, 2012

Sorry to hear about what you've been through. At least you're not alone in any of it and its good to hear you have support.

I am bullied to I understand..

I can related. I've been a victim of a cyber bully. It can really take a toll on a person mentally, physically & emotionally. But there came a time when I got tired of being the victim & always being on the defense and decided to take a stand and do something about it. I know how you feel. *hugs*

I hear you man. I've got a lot of medical problems. That's why I was bullied, no other reason. I was a martial artist but they just kept getting more guys. If you read my story I think you'll find some similarities. I do know what you mean. I really do.

And then this ***** just told me it was my fault. So not only do we have to deal with bullies but enablers as well. It's a sick sad world we live in. You just need to remember it's not all bad or even mostly bad.