It Needs To Stop!!


It is one of the most horrible thing many innocent people face. They do not deserve it, no one does. Did they ask for it? No.
There are many forms of bullying, and most will never tell anyone.... this can cause the worse thing, suicide. 

Physical bullying is not the worse, yes it causes traumas  and horrible pain, to tell the truth none are the worse. They are as bad as each other.

The saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me..... that is a lie. Name calling is effective, it can change people for the worse. Calling a skinny girl for instance fat can cause them to become anorexic. 

Cyber bulling, the screen, technology.... the user. It can be simple things, like a stupid status on facebook or any communicating network, it can cause people to be effected.

All bulling is wrong, why do people do it? It does not make you cool, it makes you bad. It can make people become self harmers. It is wrong, it causes death and pain.

If you are a bully, why? Why become one? Do you think you are being smart? You aren't. You are bringing hurt to so many people. How would you feel if you were the victim? How would you like it to wake up one morning to find the person you have bullied has killed themselves?

Bulling is wrong, it always will be one of the worst things in the world. It will make people think nothing of themselves, put them down and effect their lives forever.

Those who are bullied can have no friends because they are rejected in case they are picked on themselves. The victim could cry and cry but some adults will never know. They sleep in fear knowing what will come the next day. 

They, we, I am hurting because of it. It effects us for the worse, pushes us into ourselves. We become not who we want to be. 


watch this

thanks for reading.
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Very good story and I agree with you 100%!!!

acording to astrology bulliying happen becouse of weak mars or badly placed mars,weak mars gives sleepless nights,indicisivness,fears...extreamly weak mars can make you paranoid....I have gone through feels the whole world most horrible place.

Bullying is a lack of effective communication between individuals. We all need to combat bullying by standing up against them in every situation and reporting them to the police authorities for prosecution. Bullies are gutless and hide behind computers and other things usually. Just because you have been bullied that does not give you a license to bully others. Grow up and make something useful of yourself to your community and nation.

I definenately agree with you there. I was the top recipiant of bullying from kindergarten
all the way up until I graduated from high school. And, you're right. every bit of it was
totally undeserved and unwarrented. Also, having parents that were hyper religious, hyper
conservetive, and quite oppressive weren't much help either. And even to this day, more
than 36 years later, it still has an adverse effect on me. It still stymies my ability to move
forward. I sincerely hope that no one else ever has to suffer the same childhood that I had
to endure.

I propose we put all the bullies in one room indefinitely to work out their insecurities among themselves and remain there until the last bit of fight is exhausted

Yah I have to admit this bullying thing is old news. They make such a big deal about it as if it just started or something. Hate to tell but its nothing new. Kids always have and will always pick on each other. I was bullied through half of grade school and my freshman year of highschool. My dad told me to stand up for myself. So I did it wasnt easy but I did it. If they tried to hurt me I hit them back. If they talked trash I ignored them. Come on dont let other people tell you who you are thats crazy. The more I stood up the less they picked on me. Its not rocket science. Most bullies are scared little wimps that back off quick when you fight back. Its a shame your parents didnt teach these basic facts. But most parents dont even have the basics to raise a kid anymore.Never let fools tell who you are. Dont ever let those punks see you cry thats what they want. Dont give in or give up. Have some pride in yourself. Suicide is for morons. If you do that they win and trust me they wont care or miss you when you are gone. LIfe is hard and it gets even harder as you get older so there is no use in taking the easy way out, Love yourself and dont wait for somebody else to make you feel better. Live, learn and move on. Do well and live well and be happy thats how to get back at those fools. If your parents didnt teach you these lessons dont make the same mistakes life is too short to care what everybody else thinks . Good Luck and God Bless

You are so RIGHT!! I think the worst part of bullies is that the reason they do it is because they have less self esteem then the ones that they are bullying. Sometimes teachers are a problem as well in feeding bullying. The world needs to start agressively addressing the bullying matter and make it STOP!! Parents also need to be responsible for their childrens attitudes as well, alot of bullying starts at home. I believe if we start with our children at home we can make a big difference. My two sons tried one time to be bullies so I made them go to the kid that they did it to and his parents and made them both apologize to the parents and the kid. They were so mortified because they had to face the parents that they never tried it again. We also had a long talk about what bullying can do to someone. For my boys it worked! They were just 11 & 12 years old but it needs to start somewhere before it's too late.

Words hurt, sometimes more than physical abuse. I was bullied growing up and almost commited suicide due to it.

Am sorry that happened to you.

I am a 59 year old woman (who wishes she was a grandmother, but there's still time, I pray) who discovered that her experiences as a child and up through adolescence was what is now called "bullying". I remember the fear, pain and loneliness that caused me to soak my pillow each night. I remember the avoidance of all public gatherings for fear I would be humiliated in front of people outside of my class. I was fat, ugly and told that I was stupid and useless. It hurt more than anything and the scarring left is very prevalent in me to this day.

Back in the day, teachers knew not what to do. Neither did parents. You could see their pain as they did what they could to fortify your self esteem, defend you to clods who would publicly harass you after school hours. We didn't have internet then, but trust me, we didn't need it. I would cry many, many nights to sleep and pray for the courage to go back into the lion's den, trying to be educated in spite of the distraction it created. I absolutely hated myself and since I couldn't find a way to fix it and make people like me, I finally declared that I would not go back to school, quitting rather than enduring one more day of abuse, or I would kill myself. The last years were that of relief, because I had good parents who sent me to a boarding school. That experience changed my life for the better and added to much needed self confidence to carry on with life.

I think the worst part was seeing the pain over the situation in my mother's and father's eyes. The only thing people said in those days was to ignore the bully. Develop thick skin, be the better person, etc. etc. etc. Yeah, words don't hurt and they cannot do anything about it.

I am SO elated that my children's generation has said, "NO MORE!" and young people have been empowered not to take it. It is still a fight, but it can be perceived as a winnable one. It is people like you, the writer, who insist on shaking sense into the powers that be.... AND I, FOR ONE, THANK YOU GREATLY!

I do think it made me stronger, but I would rather my daughters get their strength through other means, much less painful and damaging. Again, I have young women like you to thank for the support in that goal.

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bullies have issues with their own self esteem. That's why they make others feel the same. I couldn't agree more with you.


People who resort to bullying have issues, its a matter that starts in the schools
and the schools are not effective enough in dealing with this, it also takes the parents
input to stop a bully. You should think on computer web sites you can block people out and
there is a way to red flag people like that, so the internet provider blocks them off from the
site. With computer technology its poor if they can not do that.

Thank you

I still cannot get my mind around cyber bullying. You do have the option to bale out..
Mental, physical, s3xual emotional.. well people need to drive them out as the innocent have no place to go to

thank u for bringing up this disturbing trend in society that thinks its hip or trendy to knock down someone u are apparently jealous of...envy and greed are the worst sins on the planet...only compassion and love can rule the day...everything is complete and utter darkness created by the Devil to distract us from our real connection with God")

I agree with most everything, however here is my take...

As soon as you make it a battle between the bullies and the bullied, you are adding fire to the flame. Making a campaign "anti-bully" is simply, in its own way, bullying another group of individuals. Bullies need just as much, if not more, emotional and psychological help than the bullied. What causes one to bully are truly painful insecurities and self-loathing qualities, and punishing and battling them will only serve to further increase those qualities. To attack people of such weak and low-spirited nature will only serve to make them lash out to a greater extent. They need help too. Both parties are in tremendous pain, whether it is apparent or not.

Rather than being anti-war, be pro peace. Rather than being anti-bully, be pro-people. Only then, in my opinion, can steps be taken in the right direction.

totally agree with you! tell me about it I was bullied when I was middle/high school as you said it was the worst horrible experience you can ever had, people need to realize words hurt more than physical agression, words can damage people's self-esteem and be kept inside the subconcious mind , which later on will lead to anorexic, low self-esteem, eating disorder problems etc etc... Let's together for once and for all put a stop on this , and conscientize society , and make a better world:)

5 stars for you!


I'm bullied too, and maybe I can't be saved. But I want you all keep living and smiling through the bullies. I love you all. <3

Being a victim of bullying by the entire school for 8 years, I know all too well how it is to be bullied. Bullies often want to be popular and it seems bullying the weak makes you popular, I do not understand why, but I suppose that's how the world works. In my opinion, the most effective way to deal with bullying is to do it yourself, and if that isn't possible a teacher MAY be a solution, though (in my experience) the teachers don't really care.

It's not black and white. There are not bullies and victims. Most people will be both in their lifetimes. Should it be adressed? absolutly. Should we foster a world of respect and understanding? yes! but lets not villify those who bully as the bad guys. People are broken and insecure and need help.

It's unfortunate that it occurs, what's more unfortunate is that bullying doesn't stop when you become an adult. That's why I am a proud supporter of The Healthy Workplace Bill. The purpose of the bill is to make it against the law to be bullied at work which at the moment is not illegal but has serious repercussions. If you have a chance check it out, only 21 states have introduced it and none have enacted it. Sign the petition for your state.

i don't have a state i am in scotland

:( Well you sound like you are a strong determined one. Try to make connections, share your story, and get others to help. I hope it all works out.

thank u for taking affirmative action 2 clean up bullying and eliminate all darkness!

Great story, im only ashamed that i have to be a bully to stop other bullies when they pick on my friends...

As long as there are ignorant, immature, & insecure people, bullying will long as we have parents teaching and/or tolerating their children's bullying behavior, bullying will continue. It's a sad fact of life, but I think awareness is key. This post is a great way to help others understand exactly how it effects and changes it alters their existence in a very negative manner. I wholeheartedly agree with schools' no tolerance policy when it comes to this, and I feel parents should do their part as well by not only teaching their children not to bully, but to stick up for those they see being bullied. The more people who stand up for themselves and others, the less power and control that bully has. Hang in there sweetie, once you're out of school, bullying usually isn't an issue. xo

100% agreement with the parental responsibility...if my kid EVER thought about bullying someone else, they'd have 2 find a new planet 2 live on cuz the punishment would be unbearable...bread and water for days...grounding for months...and the unbearable guilt and shame of knowing i never forget when a child of mine has embarrassed me...terrific response!

Bullying is unlikely to ever stop. It is naive to imagine an end to bullying. It is an intrinsic human behavior rooted firmly in our highly competitive hormonal and self-preservatory instincts. I am what many might call a "victim" of bullying and have experienced bullying tendencies by both my father and mother, as well as many superiors and peers throughout various phases of my life. I do not prescribe to the belief that one can be a victim of bullying.

Our society leads us to believe that we are not responsible and accountable for our reactions and responses to stimuli. We are taught that other people make us annoyed, angry, helpless, etc.

With practice, we are absolutely able to govern and self-regulate the way that we respond to a threatening situation. If a bully does not pose a distinct physical threat, but instead instigates verbal abuse, it is within our personal power to deflect that abuse - to simply NOT accept it.

I believe that by advocating for training in NSD (nonviolent self defense system employing the use of humane restraint and pliancy) in order to protect oneself against physically dangerous threats, and focusing on training individuals to become accountable for their own emotional reactions, we can alleviate the damage caused by bullying, thereby nullifying it as a viable tactic to trigger a fear response.

Take a deep breath. Imagine someone you've never met calling you awful names and saying awful things about the people you care about. Take another deep breath. Think of why it truly doesn't matter what they think, of why it really won't have an effect on your convictions. Take a third deep breath, and smile about your own stability.

I've never been (seriously) bullied, but I've always been highly against it. It brings back... Bad memories. I do remember going over to a friend's house a few years ago when I managed to get locked out of my own house, and she was crying about how harsh people were to her earlier that day. It's rough, seeing the damage done to people, and how far people go. Makes me sick even thinking about some of the things people go through, and get away with, even when bullying here is considered to be illegal.

I agree with you, I'm bullied all my life, I know how it feels. I can get so angry if people bully me or my friends, it just has to stop!

Yeah, those people who love to discriminate someone must stop. Its not funny at all. Cheer up dude ;)

You literally ripped the words right out of my mouth. I would watch your video, but if it has anything to do with the dangers of bullying I just don't think I could stomach it.

yea, i got a kind of bulling, wish it would stop, but dout it

Thank you snow for this story; bullying has to stop!

Your story is is complete with the facts of bullying. It has to stop!!