About My 12 Year Old Son

My son was bully in the 5th grade ..he miss total of 19days because of it. He didnt want to go.And I went to eat lunch with him he wanted me to take him home it got so bad I had to stop eating lunch with him.now we are dealing with courts and this is how I found hes been bully..And it hurts me I had to find out in court.And now hes getting cousling and they told me he been bully still and one day chris going to snap back..i want to know why the other school didnt tell me.chris did hit the kid that doing the bulling and got in trouble.But the other kid doing the bulling didnt get in trouble thats not fair
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Why is your son getting bullied

hoping the courts will help your son

Do you want to equip your son for life, or do you want to get the bullying to stop for now? Bullying has always been a fact of life. It will be a fact of life as long as there are humans. There are many different forms of bullying. Girls are often "bigger bullies" than guys ever thought of being so it is not just rooted in testosterone. It reveals itself most when the changes of puberty come about, but you saw bullying in nursery or child care services.

Someone tries to control others.

The best thing you can do for your son is to teach him how to stand up for himself. That is more than just punching another kid in the nose, so to speak. It is a way of being that is rooted in confidence. Bullies work to undermine confidence. Look at the way middle school girls savage one another. Look at the defeat in some little girls when they know they are not as pretty or as popular. Look at the hurt in young boys who realize they are genetically smaller or otherwise different. You and your husband (if you have one) need to coach your son on navigating this and becoming a winner. There won't always be school administrations to stop the bullies. There is not enough law enforcement in the world to stop the overt and covert bullying that goes on in the world. Funny thing, let the one who had been bullied get some power, and too often they become the bully.