Bullies And Bloody Noses

I'm older now and recognise the difference.I'm from a military family...in 1963 I picked on a boy about a year younger than myself.I did not know the family was Hungarian and had lived through the Holocaust....numbers on their arms.I didn't understand their lifes.My Dad quickly remedied that problem...I couldnt understand his anger.As time went on I came to learn what really happened and why my Dad was so mad and why he whipped my bottom so bad.OK so that's the story of me picking on a 7 year old boy when I was 8....Now the Rest of the Story....Folks this has been going on since the beginning of time in high school it was the same only you hopefully had learned...Dont make it worth their while! IE punch them in the nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
even if you get your *** whipped it doesnt hurt that bad.They wont bother you if they know they have to fight for it...dont ever forget that and if it takes place You wear that Bloody Nose like a badge of courage and honor.THIS IS THE TRUTH
bchsjim bchsjim
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