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I think that if the bullying don`t stop with a quickness ,something dreadful will come of it.I was bullied from every direction when I was a kid, because I was Indian (Native), because I was Indian and looked white. Because of my name, because I was poor....hell my own mother bullied me. I can tell you through experience what dont kill you makes you stronger. I don`t use it as an excuse for acting a fool now, That kind of stuff is a copout. . I do what I have to ,to survive, And I don`t take any crap off of nobody any more. A messed up past is just that, the past. People need to learn how to let **** go,and stop wasting their precious lives on things that are just holding them back.
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It is good to see that others can understand where I am coming from, and on the other hand it is sad that we have to go through what we do to be able to understand

I was bullied my whole life due to aspegers syndrome it is hard to trust people for me I have that attitude toward people too my dad verbally abused me I stand up for people now I don't want to see kids bullied everybody is important