Former Victim, Still Hurting

I was bullied for years, since before I was in school to the end of middle school and even going on through part of high school. I used to spend more time in guidance than in my actual classes. I would cry every day. Even the little insuls were evening back then. They only got worse. When high school started, it seemed alright, but I still need to go to guidance every day to keep myself from going down into the depths of depression. I used to cut in middle school, and was getting close to wanting to end it. All because of people who would do little things. Ignore me, treat me like I was less, say mean things. I have my good friends now, my friends and the guidance office. I hate hearing stories of how people killed themselves because of bullying. It's because I could had been that person. Bullying hurts rough the years. It is just as wrong as rape and abuse, in fact, it should be classified as abuse. For this, I want to end bullying.
SmilesGoForMiles SmilesGoForMiles
18-21, M
Dec 14, 2012