December 2008 My Story

We all know how scary our first year of high school and be, not knowing where to go and being surround by a whole new group of people. In freshmen year was a year to remember. My family and I had just recent moved to a city about 20 miles away from where I had grown up all my life. The distance was too much for my parents to drive so they enrolled me at the high school be my house. I was a loner in the first day of classes, no one would talk to me. At lunch I would eat alone until this one girl names Rebekah approached me and we became friends. One day Rebekah wasn't at school, so I decided to go off campus for lunch. I went to the mercado, were all the Hispanics hung mainly anyone who was Mexican. I myself of am of Hispanic but I am of Peruvian decent. One of the cholas came up to me and said " your that one smart girl in my history class, how about you leave your not one of us". Shocked by what she had said I replied with " I'm no different then you, so I can where I want". That remark would change my life forever. I had this girl in two of my classes my history and physical education. We were allowed to play with the boys only when it came to soccer and swimming. During soccer, this girl pants me in front of everyone, from then on I get called as a ***** for something I didn't do. I would get unwanted attention from guys and its made me uncomfortable. I went to the mercado again but this time to get something at little store that sold Virgin Mary's something my mom had be asking for a while. I was leaving and walking back to the school. I was grab and drag into an alley, I was pinned up to a wall with a knife to my back, being told I had a day to leave the school or else they would make sure I was killed. I agreed and ran back. I called my dad and told him what had happen, him and my mom rushed to the school and withdrawled me from the school that instant. The next day with spoke with principle and told him what I occurred. The principle said that since it happen off campus there was nothing he could really do, that I knew the consequences of going of campus. Also that there was no one to say they saw what happen, he was just going to let it go. For months I was scared from what had happen, I thought being who I was a crime. That I had to be fake or adjust my attitude to please other people. But then I met some people that accepted me for who I was :) my friends back from middle school supported and still do until this day. I took what happen to me as a lesson. That I should not let someone change the way I am and stand up for myself. It's been 4 years since that's happen I'm in college now and when I look back on it, I tell myself that if I could surpass that I can surpass any obstacle in my life. Bullying needs to be put to a stop, and pledge to make sure that happens.
mzgrr22 mzgrr22
18-21, F
Dec 25, 2012