I Really Do

I really do want to put an end to bullying. I had a friend who use to be bullied all the time. It was so sad on how sad she was. I first learned about it when she was texting me when I was hanging with her sister one morning right after we got up.! And she texted me she was sad and really having a hard time. So I asked her why and she said she was getting bullied for a secret she told her sister so I was really worried about her so I asked her what it was about.and she said she couldn't tell me the secret but she told me the story that she thought this girl was her friend and now she makes fun of her. It took her awhile to tell me the story but she finally told me and I knew exactly what she was going through. So I helled and we were going to the office one morning to tell and then she got mad at me for some reason so we didn't go tell the office and the bullying kept getting worse. But now they moved for a better house offer so I'm with out them which sucks.
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Jan 21, 2013