Bullying Begets Bullying

My six year old daughter is normally very sweet and nice. She helps out with things when asked comforts other students when they are having a bad day and things like that. Well not any more. For the last week I have been getting reports of her beating up other students biting the teacher and just plain bullying other students. 

I found after a parent teach conference that the school has been having problems with bullies. When I asked my daughter why she did what she has done the only answer I get is I do not know. Then I am told that the school knew she was being bullied just before this all started so I asked my daughter if this was true and was told yes. Now we have the answer as to why but what do we do with the problem?

The principle of the school decide we should place in the class for problem students so she can see the consequences to her action. Okay, there is the answer to her bullying others but what about the one of her being bullied?

So far there is no answer there and I can not even find out who this bully is. "It is agents the law to give out that information." Is all they will tell me. I just hope this other kid is not doing this to others.
Rose35 Rose35
36-40, T
Jan 23, 2013