Ten Signs It Might be Time to Quit Your Job

Often, the hardest part about quitting your job is figuring out if you should go. Having been through this many times, I’ve picked out some of the fail-safe warning signs. Enjoy.


10) The best part of your day is listening to the radio on your morning commute. You’re actually disappointed when you arrive in the parking lot and have to turn off your car.

9) You break into a cold sweat when you suddenly realize how trivial everything really is, and yet how insane your co-workers get over things anyways.  Then, you start excessively slipping in the phrase “the big picture” a lot. After a while, you actually pity them. 

8) When you ask hard-working people at the lower rungs of the company how they’re doing, they inevitably say “Well, I’m still here.”

7) You start checking out the guys/girls at the company that are 20 years older than you. You found these people entirely repulsive before, but boredom and the fact that you’ve exhausted all other prospects leaves you on this unfortunate island.

6) You’re always having to ask people to copy you on emails. Listen, people absolutely love adding as many people to the cc: list as possible—more people get to see how wonderful they are that way. If even despite that, you have to consistently ask—it means you’re just not viewed as important. Sorry.

5) All of management’s pep talks are vacuous, in the future tense and accompanied by a preposterous Safe Harbor-esque statement. You know what I’m talking about: “Next quarter we will have great sales, of course, so long as electricity isn’t disrupted in the Western United States and most of our customers don’t come down with bird flu.”

4) You start looking forward to meetings, because it’s an hour long opportunity to shoot knowing looks to that one other really disgruntled employee and laugh on the inside. And you literally stare laser beams at this person until you finally catch eyes, getting insanely frustrated when they don’t look your direction for a few minutes.

3) You cautiously start using idiotic work clichés at every opportunity, like “let’s have a come to Jesus meeting,” or, “Let’s peel back the onion,” assuming someone is finally going to call you on your ridiculousness. But no one ever does, and instead they start using your clichés in their next presentation.

2) When people give you assignments, you have to consciously hold yourself back from blurting out, “You know, I just don’t care, because I won’t be here when this is due.”

And the #1 Sign It's Time to Quit Your Job...


1) Taking a bathroom break is excessively satisfying. You think to yourself, “I just got paid for relieving myself,” and that carries much more satisfaction than it really ever should.

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I gonna need you to ahhhh yeah, go ahead and come in on Saturday.

Same thing happens in this job...we all want to jump off the island and swim for our lives...but to where? unless you have something better lined up stay where you and take one day at a time ..things do change..

Thanks. I feel better about quitting now:)

Hilarious!!! Thank you!!! I needed a good laugh :-)

This is how I feel every day at the job I have had for two years. I am mature and have extensive experience and a Bachelor Degree, but the idiot I work for try to micromanage everything. Unfortunatly, I work for the Director of a Large Law Firm and she has blocked every path that has come up for me to move into other departments such as training or marketing. She is verbally abusive, they over react to everything and eveyone who works there says I made it another week. Worst place I have ever worked in my like. The only thing holding me there is just the bad economy and lack of jobs right now. If I could find any way of making a living right now, I would leave tomorrow.

american cube-world is a school for fascism --<br />
if you want out, that may be the *last* healthy<br />
reaction of a dying, soon to be ill, body.

#1, I used to go to the bath room stall and not really "go" but lay my head on the toilet paper dispenser and sleep. Then I would go to my car sometimes and sleep, saying I was going to the datacenter to check on the servers or do an inventory. Course that was everyones excuse too, "goin to the datacenter"...

OMG...10, 8, 4, and 1 all apply. Hmm...this may tell me something.

LOL. I'd agree with #7 and #3.<br />
:x<br />
*Shudders at self!*

like your style; laughing with a lopsided grin

I enjoyed reading your top ten list. My old CEO told me a story of when he was a young lad and working for an insurance company, I believe doing sales. He said each morning when he walked up the steps to his office his feet felt as heavy as cement blocks....

"You start looking forward to meetings, because it’s an hour long opportunity to shoot knowing looks to that one other really disgruntled employee and laugh on the inside."<br />
<br />
Unless you don't have a fellow employee who is willing to stop sucking up to management long enough to acknowledge any feelings of discontentment. <br />
<br />
I would add something about having to add copious amounts of antidepressants to your morning oatmeal in increasing dosages every day.

i get all of those on the first day of work.

Not all of these are the signs I see, but #5 and #2 are pretty darn true for me.