It seems like every day I say I'm going to quit smoking, yet every morning it's one of the first things I do and I do it to get me going, but then it tries to keep me on the couch. I'm stuck in the cycle, but I'm ready to break free once and for all. I'm tired of the late night snacking, going to bed on a full stomach, skipping a work out because I'm too tired. I'm at the point where it's about 80% negative and 20% positive in my life and that is just way out of balance. I've been here for too long and I'm ready to move forward with my life. Maybe one day in the future I can be that productive smoker that I was almost 2 years ago, but for now it's not working for me. Some times I think about all the things I might be able to accomplish if I would stop smoking. Maybe I'll write out that list so I can see it every day. So, this is going to be pretty hard for me to do so I'm going to sign on EP every time I want to smoke and try to distract myself and be accountable. Now.. should I just go cold turkey, or cut down to ONLY right before bed, so I can sleep this week, I wonder. I definitely won't be able to sleep without smoking at first and I work all weekend, so here's the plan... For the next week I will ONLY smoke in bed, when I'm going to sleep. After that I'll see where I'm at. Maybe I should establish a punishment for not making it through this first week. Oh here's a good one. I can't cuddle with my cats for 2 days for every day that I fail! That would be torture...

Wish me luck.
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It is just a habit. Google how to quit a habit and start a new kind of one :)