I Finally Want To Want To

Today is day 7 of quiting smoking and day 3 of actually not smoking...I cheated with one or two a day for a few there while using the patch, but now I'm fully committed so fingers crossed. So far so good with it I think. I resisted the urge to bum one off a co-worker till she went home, so for today at least I'm home free :)
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True enough :) Good luck!!!! Stay determined and you'll make it :)

Thanks Queen! It's getting easier every day :)

For me at least it was all about getting to a point that I actually wanted to quit. I've wanted to want to for a while, but wanting to is a whole different thing from wanting to want to. For a month or so before quiting I made myself concentrate on how my poor tar ridden lung felt with every drag on the cigarette. I'd think about what I could do with the money saved every month. I'd think about how much whiter my teeth could be if I stopped. I let myself be a little angry at the smell of the car and the black marks by the window from scaping the cherry on accident when ashing. <br />
The day I went out for a smoke break at work and it felt more like answering the call of a slave driver rather than time for enjoyment I knew I was ready. So far being at work is the most challanging part of it simply due to the sheer bordom at night there, but rather than see it as an excuse to light up I'm looking at it as a challange of will power to overcome...that and a lot of Free Cell games are helping ;)<br />
<br />
I don't know if any of this helps, but I wish you luck in succeeding :)

I like this a lot, this is how I psyched myself up to quit.