Only When I Drink

I used to chain smoke since I woke up till I went to sleep. Been smoking for 16 years. Two years ago I started smoking my first one after lunch and now I don't smoke at all unless I have a drink! I only really NEED a ciggie when I'm drinking alcohol. They're just the perfect marriage!!! However, I feel I'm never gonna quit smoking unless I also quit drinking and off course I don't want that.. love a nice bottle of red wine, a good scotch and my sunday bloody mary by the pool. What should I do? How can I untie the knot between the two? Any tips?
daisywho daisywho
31-35, F
2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

I am a weekend alcoholic, but that's a good idea, three months is a good amount of time!

Take the plunge for 3 months, and don't drink or mix with any bar lounge, people that are drinking, unless of course you are also a weekend alcoholic.