On The Road To Quitting!

I started smoking shortly after my 18th birthday.  I'm 35 now & have been down to about half pack a day for the last 3 years.  I can feel that my health is deteriorating, I'm sick a lot more than I used to be.  With the rising cost of cigarettes & pressure from my wife I have decided it's time to quit.  I've tried cold turkey, that just makes me untollerably cranky.  I discovered recently that my medical insurance provider offers a free program for those who would like to quit smoking!  I called the 800 number & got the ball rolling.  I've got a shipment of nicotine replacement patches en route at no cost & have set up phone meetings for counseling & support!  I'm hoping that in a month when someone asks me for a smoke I can say "Sorry, I QUIT!"
dprd4lf dprd4lf
31-35, M
Jul 25, 2010