Im not sure how I am going to stop smoking, I have been smoking two packs a day for 5 years and im only 23 ..I know I need to quit I already show early signs of copd and I get bronchitis all the time. I just wish I had the strength to drop the habit like I did when I was pregnant I stoped..but shortly after my children were born I picked up the habit again! I just wana stop..I have such bad habits Like its a must for me to smoke and drive, have to smoke if I just ate a big meal, ughh And it seems like nobody around understands its a addiction..I tell them cigs are just like drugs **** they are one ..but everybody around me thinks that bs and im over reacting on the fact its so hard to drop the habit...please if anybody can give me some tips and advice about quiting please ...and I dont want to use the drugs like chantix, or the gum.....
sarahvalentine5 sarahvalentine5
Oct 21, 2011