Not Completly Ready To Quit Yet.

I want to quit but i can't make up my mind to when, i was going to last week but i didn't have enough tobacco to last the day befor so i got a little more and did the same thing again.
I smoke when i am stressed or nervous and i have been smoking 4 years. I know i i keep smoking it will only get harder, i smoke to much and can't smell smoke anymore. :o( feel free to share any tips.
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2 Responses Nov 16, 2011

It's really just a matter of keeping yourself busy, the habit itself was the hardest part for me, not simply wanting the cigarettes. I just got used to having that particular task every so often, and when I stopped, I would start thinking something like, "Alright, I'm almost done here, gonna finish cleaning and go out for a smoke after". It helps to have something else to take up that little gap of time that's left from what you're used to, until you can break the habit. For me, I decided to start treating myself to something else, instead of cigarettes. Instead of buying cigarettes, or trying out new packs, I started trying new kinds of food, candy, and exotic fruit. Instead of smoking I'd just find a bench or something, throw on my headphones, relax for a bit, and just eat peacefully and think for a while. Find yourself a pleasure you don't have to feel guilty about it to replace the one you do feel guilty about.<br />
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Also, do your best to steer clear of E-cigarettes... They're pretty much the worst "cure" you can find out there. Basically, instead of smoking tobacco, you're ingesting just the chemicals and vapor. It might seem like that's better, because there isn't tar, but it's the opposite. It leaves you vulnerable to upping your usual nicotine dosage by leaps and bounds without even noticing. A cigarette has a certain amount of nicotine, and the sizes and how long they last are pretty standard, it's not like that with E-cigarettes. A cigarette will end, and you'll move on, but an E-cigarette can last for ages, and won't end until the entire cartridge is empty, and it won't just end like a cigarette does to tell you when to stop. It also gives you the horrible option to get your nicotine fix pretty much ANYWHERE.. If you think your cigarette/nicotine addiction is bad now, you can't imagine how bad it could get if you never have to worry about needing to go outside to smoke, when you can smoke anywhere you like, and not bother anyone, when you only have one cigarette that lasts for ages and doesn't let you know how much you're ingesting..<br />
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Pretty much, E-cigarettes are like crossing over to a more pure form of nicotine, going from using the regular drug, to a more concentrated, more powerful one. E-cigarettes can significantly change how much nicotine you need to get your buzz, without the person even noticing. Also, if for whatever reason you go back to cigarettes, you'll most likely need to smoke much more than you ever did before to get the same feeling.

I strongly agree with you about those E-cigs. There's nothing beneficial about them that I can find and since there's no regulation of any kind as to what they load the cartiges with, you really have no idea of what your actually inhaling.

I gotta tell ya, I smoked for 30+ years and am now free of the addiction for over nine months. I was terrified at the thought of actually quitting but knew that my life would be so much better if I could just do it. So I called the quitline in my state and got set up for nicotine patches. <br />
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The thing about the patches is that they don't completely get rid of the cravings though they take the edge off of them and if your really serious about quitting, this really helps because it gives you a chance to discover what it's like to feel those cravings that we fear so much without having to feel the full effects of withdrawal. I called it "quitting on training wheels" because of this.<br />
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When your really, truly ready to quit then it becomes a real possibility. You just have to create a plan that is comfortable to you and stick to it. No addiction is easy to beat but so many have beat this one including myself. The main thing to remember is that you and your future are worth the temporary discomfort that we muist feel at first.<br />
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Another thing to remember is that the actions you take today will determine the future that you will live in tomorrow. I wish you the best of success in your attempt. Learn your addiction so that you can use that knowledge to win. Learn what your triggers are (the things that make you want to smoke). Learn how to deal with your urges, create a plan that you can live with and go for it! It may take more then one attempt but the main thing to remember is that you haven't lost a thing so long as you don't give up trying.