Dear Cigarettes.

I hate you so much.

I've tried Zyban but that ended in a burning wreck of a time because I was an idiot who went and drank during the first two weeks.

The annoying part is all the people bragging about having quit cold turkey, well guess what? NOT ALL OF US CAN! THANKS!
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You have to go with an alternative, change your perspective -don't quit -switch. Just Vape with some high tech, modified electronic cigarettes. 80-90 percent cheaper than cigs, no smoke for your lungs anymore, lots of different flavors....the devices are even rechargable. My husband smoked for 22 years and hasnt missed a tradtional cigarettes in the last 2 years he has been vaping. This is smoking of the future, google jvmodshop and check out my profile, it is an alternative smoke shop. You can have your habit and enjoy it too. :) here is a fun video with some of the devices and more info

to quit smoking chantix and champix are quit good quit smoking drugs it had normal side effects like vomiting, gas,unable to sleep and all but it is good in helping to quit smoking, quit smoking is never been so easier.

I am hoping the patch will work. The hotline coach said if they give me nightmares I can take them off at night or while sleeping. I get two weeks free patches, 21mg in the mail within the next 3 to 5 days. I need a quitting buddy, anyone care to try to quit with me? Any advice? I hate this addiction. Will power will not work. I tried. No deal. I understand your frustration.Peace and blessings:)

I did manage to quit successfully with the patch. Yep, I had skin reactions. Yep, I had sleepless nights but the bottom line was that it worked for me somehow. The thing is that most quit methods aren't easy. Nothings really easy when it comes to ripping the tnetacles of addiction out of our bodies.<br />
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Still, it can be done and hating those things is a good way to start. You really do need a support network to quit. And doing a lot of research before the big day can help as well. I've managed 192 days smoke free so far. And though it's true that some get addicted to the nicotine patches, so long as you stick to what the package says then this probably won't happen. <br />
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But even with the patches it's no cake walk. There are still cravings. I call using the patches "quitting on training wheels" because of this. <br />
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But the bottom line is that you have to keep trying. Often times it takes several tries before there's a successful quit.

Yep I'm with you hating cigarettes and their addictive hold to me. I tried cold turkey and people said they had seen people go through herion withdrawl better. To say will power alone would get me through quitting is a wonderland fairytale. And quitting methods are about as fun. Tried the patch and ended up with burning welts that stayed around and taunted me for a week. Chantix that was a trip I never wish to repeat- hallucinations, paranoia, nightmares, aggitated and aggresive.<br />
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I am bitterly envious of those who can quit with willpower alone, but for me that isn't going to happen anytime soon.<br />
Glad to know I'm not alone in the stuggle to quit and that I'm not the only person who hates cigarettes.

well it's never to late. i thought too that i would never give up.. and i am not going for granted but on my case it's not will power. it came spontaneously is stronger than me.. i did realize that i hadn't been smoking in 1day and i decided to follow the tide.. it has been 11days now and i feel better and most of all i don't miss it.. it has taken me ......<br />
it took me 10 years to convince myself that it's only trouble and no pleasure ,, work on your esteem <br />
and you'll succeed

Chantex is horrible, I went through major depression with suicidal thought, I had to stop them right away. I have been using the electronic cig, it is not bad, I just wish it would smoke the whole time you puffed on it, it only smokes the first couple of hits, then you think you are not getting anything, but you are getting a nicotine rush. However I am still smoking cigs!!

I had to laugh when i read the first two lines, Dear cigerattes, i hate you so much. It sounds so funny but i know how you feel cos i goin through the same thing. <br />
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Champix are supposed to be quite good and theres no nicotine in them.

Yeah, don't bother w/ the patches either. Had a patient in our office that got addicted to the Nicotine Patch!! Eventually, to get a better nicotine buzz she went back to smoking AND wearing the patch!!