I Am Not A Smoker, But...

I just wanted to share a story about my husband who has smoked a pack a day for 35 years and has just quit recently. He has tried everything over the years from the gum to reducing the number of cigarettes every day, one at a time, to patches, etc. And nothing has ever worked for him. He'd quit for about a month, then go on to starting up again. He just had to have it. Last year, he went to he Grand Canyon for a week with his dad. Before he left, a friend gave him a book called, "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking" by Allen Carr. He laughed and took it with him on the trip. When he came home a week later, he had quit smoking for good. He was very impressed with the book, saying it was very easy to read and to understand about those little monsters inside you that say you need that cigarette. The book clearly tells you to not quit until after you've read the book and understand the concepts. One of my husband's favorite quotes from the book was "Does that cigarette make your steak taste any better?" He is now preaching to and encouraging all his friends to get the book and read it. I believe it's available on Amazon if you're interested. (Note that I have nothing to do with the book itself, I'm just sharing my husband's experience) Good luck!!
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Read it....haven't smoked for almost three years now.....well tobacco anyway.<br />
Anyone with half a brain will quit smoking after reading the book.