I Need Help Trying To Stop Smoking

So I stop smoking on may 6 2012, so it was just recently i trying to stop. I am dying for a cig right now. I need advice or something to do to keep my mind off of it. I go to school from 8am-1pm. 1pm-3pm im at home. and 3pm-4pm on the way to work. 4pm-12am im at work. 12am-5:30am or 6am im asleep. But when I am off from work and school I have free time. What should i do in my free time. oh and i forgot to say im out of school on friday and im 22yrs old, and bout to turn 23 may 20. and i have been smoking for 5 years on and off.
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5 Responses May 9, 2012


yup September 2012 is when I stop

I quit cold turkey due to my boyfriend, he hated when I smoke and wouldn't give me a kiss bc it smelt and tasted like ashtray

That is what i am trying to do is not think about it.

it good quit smoking keep it up!!! and you will feel good ,play some games in your free time or just think of something else or make your mind busy.if still you can't quit then take some chocolates or chewing-gums to get out of it...:)

I did it before i quit cold turkey the last time, and i did it this time so i hope i dont give in so easy this time! I have been in a bad mood ever since monday of this week!