Why Cant I Stop Smoking!?

Hello, i have been trying to give up smoking for for about a year. i lost track of the amount of times i have 'quit' but i have had about 4 serious quits where at the time i truely believed i would never smoke again.
Thing is though, i really dont like doing it! i bought a packet yesterday and finished them off this morning, and i feel awaful! feel tired and just ait crabby to be honest, even though i felt abit 'dull' when i quit, like i felt niether happy or sad, i felt alot more preasent. This is the thing i hate most about smoking for me, is it gives me terriable brain fog, espeacialy i have one too many in the morning. Then i cant be bothered to do anyting all day.

Im really into fitness and general health as well, and i really see smoking as a barrier to exercise. Im also trying to shift a few pounds hence why i decided to light up again...fear of getting fat!

But i have come on here today to share this because it is true that anything in life that is worth having takes commitment and hardwork. I dont want to smoke anymore and i do want to get trim. be slim and healthy. feel happy on the inside and outside and enjoy life. so i am going to suck it up and stop 'consumming' to fill a void in my life, which i think is why i either have to smoke or eat all time time.....ridiculous.

So here is to another go at it....to quit and just man up!

nicola1988 nicola1988
May 10, 2012