I Stop && Start... :

I am gna be 17 in eleven days.. not the point.. anyways.. i started when i was in 6th grade and now i am goin into my senior year.. you do the math.. Okay well i smoked up till about half way thru my 7th grade year and then i stopped no problem i wasnt really that addicted.. life started getting really stressful again sometime during 8th grade so i would have an occasional cigarette, didnt think anything of it.. then i quit again.. only smoked on occasional basis up till this year... about 2 weeks ago started smoking again.. well this time i cant stop and i didnt ever think i was addicted i mean summer 07 i smoked alott.. but that wasnt seeming like anything i juss recently realized how addicted i have become and i am smokin alot more than i used to... its up to a pack every other day.. i really hope i can quit, i already have enough medical problems i dont need anymore

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PLEAS. PLEASE, PLEASE, give it up!<br />
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Have you seen what it can do to your lungs!<br />
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Go to your local health authority and ask to see pictures of lnngs and the devastating effects of smoking!<br />
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And, think what you could do with all the money you're spending on cigarettes...