Quit Log Day 4

Well I can't believe that I have got this far. I am delighted. Fortunately the cravings and deep seated need to smoke seem to be getting less and less. I am feeling more and more powerful. I can distract myself in a hundred different ways.

I think my sense of smell is returning also. A work colleague returned from a cigarette break today and the smell in the office for the next few minutes was turning my stomach. How could I not have realised that this was what I had been doing too. I am so embarrassed- I had no idea the smell was so strong.

I have a strange tingling sensation in my gums today. Seems that the oxygen and blood flow is getting back to them. What was I doing to myself for all these years! I am thrilled that my gums are finally getting the nourishment and fuel that they need.

My productivity in the office is a little bit lacking this week. I don't have a huge amount of concentration. I think I can forgive myself for this, after all think of the extra productivity they will be getting out of me in the coming months when I won't be sauntering off for a quick smoke.

I feel I need to be careful not to get overly confident. I must keep the smoking in check in case it sneaks up on me and surprises me.
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1 Response Jul 10, 2012

congrats! your already a non-smoker. dont go back.