"I Want to Quit Smoking"

I really want to quit smoking. I started smoking when I was just 15 years old. I am 37 now. I have quit or tried to several times over the years and I always went back to it. If anyone reading has never been a smoker it is very hard to describe the addiction. I know it is a nasty habit. To make matters worse I work in the Medical field. I don't smoke in my apartment or in my car or in my work clothes. Occasionally people have told that they can still smell it on me.

 Its everywhere! It gets into your hair, it comes out of your pores when you sweat it is impossible to mask the smell completely from a non smoker. The health risks are the most important reason for quitting but it is so inconveinant to have to try to cover up the smell and hope no one notices and a lot of times even with all the precautions I take to hide it some people can still tell that I smoke and it is very embarrassing!

 When you work in a Medical enviroment its really a big problem! I don't smoke at work or on any breaks not at all until I get home! People in the office though that don't smoke and have sensitive noses have told me they still smell it! Though it is not strong on me the odor that is I can't totally get rid of all traces of it! I thought I was doing a good job at keeping my little secret but people notice trust me! So for all of us smokers who try to hide it with mints, sprays,perfume or whatever give it up it doesn't matter!

 Trust me I have washed every item in my closet twice and I never smoke in dress clothes or uniforms my apartment is smoke free my car! You can't hide it! It has been a hassle for me because it can get me in trouble if someone smells it on me at a job!

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will power can work too!my husband and myself quit new years day nearly three years ago.it was hard for the first few weeks but after that it totally went from me, that need to smoke.Had issues with empty hand though-lollipops kinda helped.Good luck and i hope you win this battle it will change your life for the better!

well i get rid of the habit using niconot tablets, i know how hard it is to quit, as i can´t post any web site in this forum, if any of you guys are interested on the method you can get in touch with me via msn my msn is: gm.crocmint@hotmail.com <br />
good luck trying to quit, its the best thing you can do for yourself :) now i don´t get agitated when i walk. good day everyone.

well i can agree with that. i started smoking at 13 and im now 32. i really want to quit. my lungs hurt and sometimes when im walking my chest becomes very very tight it scares me. you try to quit agin, i will try to quit with you as long as we are totally honest about it. my trouble is knowing that im not gonna smoke for the first week.

Superduperguy! LOL - you are outrageous. I'm 70+ too--maybe one has to be our age to get a laugh out of your post :) gryfnn

"quitting" suggests that you are losing something of value..I prefer the term "becoming free from..." there is a big difference. Read Allen Carr "easy way" it was really easy, he dismantles all of the bad programing and silly belief systems we have towards smoking...helped me throw the rubbish away more than 3 years ago after a 20 year addiction. Easy.

Chantix...I felt it was the worst thing I ever did. I had horrible side effects (the doctor said that it was very uncommon to have the side effects that I had). I had horrible dreams. I couldn't sleep. Everything would depress me. I had horrible sweats. I was hallucinating, even when I was awake. I have heard many good stories about Chantix, but before you take it, make sure you discuss the side effects with your doctor. Personally, for me, the Chantix wasn't worth it.

I was afraid of the side effects of Chantix as well. You know what I did?? I stopped doing research and just took the drug. In my opinion, you can convince yourself that you'll have negative side effects. Stop worrying about that and quit smoking. It's funny but we don't think of the negative side effects of the smoking but we that anyway. You can't quit smoking with moping! You quit smoking using every tool you can get your nicotine stained hands on!!! Ask me about my Chantix experience, I'll be glad to tell you what I think.

I'm bipolar and have been on chantix for a month now. NO side effects! My doc said the things people are blaming chantix for are actually from nicotine withdrawals. The only problem I'm having is that I didn't set a quit date so I'm still smoking.

Try Chantix! It is a miracle drug as far as I'm concerned!!

i also have smoked for a very long time, i started smoking when i was 15 years old, i tried to quit several times but failed my dad use to smoke but my mom made him quit when they found out i had asthma and for some reason i picked up the habit. but finally i found a soulotion to help me quit...its mind over matter.<br />
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you can write aleaf about quit smoking and comment it in the walls in you rooms ...you can say that the smoking abduct you from others and you didn't want to be alone ..i know it's hard but you have achance to try

You are absolutely right about the smell and problems it brings along. I was a compulsive smoker, I started at 15 and I am 28 now, I have quit it for a year now. Even after a year the temptation is high. My wife had problem with my smoking and that was primary reason to quit. But seriously once a you quit there are lots of benefits like feeling energized, being in control of self and specially with all that money you save. There were several things I tried for quiting.<br />
<br />
1.Drinking lots of water.<br />
2.Having food at time. Keeping myself stuffed.<br />
3.Every time i set out to buy a pack, instead put the money in separate wallet. <br />
4.Keep myself busy like talk to somebody or listen to song.<br />
5.In times of frustration: breathe, walk, Drink water<br />
6.running out of ideas or exhausted: remove myself from the desk and go over to someone friendly engage in small talk, read a joke or some nice article in newspaper away from the desk<br />
7.make a charity or some philanthropic deed with whatever saved ( its a greater satisfaction) <br />
<br />
there are several different things I tried out these are just a few. But overall feeling once you cut down or quit smoking is really pleasant.

you have developed a dislike for the smell of ciggs keep that dislike growing you will begin to overcome the arge to puff on one, keep breathing fresh air.

you have developed a dislike for the smell of ciggs keep that dislike growing you will begin to overcome the arge to puff on one, keep breathing fresh air.

mmmmmm cigarettes they taste so good and are fun why would ever want to quit you should go have one right now.

This same drug is called Champix in Canada. I tried it, as did several of my acquaintances. For me, I flet sick, like I had the flu. Of course, you don't smoke as much or at all when you're feeling sick, so in that way I suppose, you could say it works. I gave it up and tried the patch again. The patch works for me because I can't smoke when I'm wearing one. It's after the fact that's the hardest for me. If I am overwhelmed with stress, I go for the smokes. I have quit successfully several times, once for over 14 months, and I caved under the burden of a crisis in my life. Now I am trying again, and it's harder than ever. For anyone out there who has been permanently successful at quitting tobacco, I salute you!

I too am afraid to try Chantix because of the side effects.

I want to know more about Chantix...heard it had bad side effects

This is my 4th day on chantix and even though my quit date is on the 18th, I already can tell it's not going to be as hard to quit as without it. My biggest heartache is not being able to drive in the car with my son without lighting up. The last two days I have managed to drive all over town without lighting up and it was bearable....lol....I didn't speed to get where I was going and I even listened to the radio (the radio is a big trigger for me...like PARTY TIME) =)<br />
I know how you feel though....cigs are a big addiction and unless you've smoked and you're still five years or less being a non-smoker, you just don't get how hard it is to let go. Im not saying congrats on a 20yr quit time but it's almost like I think people forget how hard it was to give them up. Which is fine by me. <br />
Good luck in your goal. My insurance covered my script and it only cost me $50 for the first month.

I started smoking when I was 12, and am 32 now. I know exactly how this feels.

You can do it 1Week for me now. I am on Champic and working fine for me. I smoked 2 packs a day. Now 0 and still hanging in there..

I also have smoked for a very long time I started smoking when I was 16 year's old. I want to quit so bad as cancer runs in my family on my mother's side whom I have to say died in 95 from cancer and I have also tried so many times to quit and I keep coming back to smoking. I don't smoke in my cars, or my house or around my kids or my husband because I know that second hand smokes kills and hurts those that don't smoke. But for some reason or another I push all of that out of my head that it is hurting my family by just being around the smoke. I quit when I found out I was pregnant but as soon as I delivered my children I started smoking again. For people that don't have this nasty habit does not know how hard it is to quit. There is just something about them that makes it so hard to let go of them.

try chantix most helth systems will give it to you free.<br />
they want you to stop because it is cheaper for ther<br />
insurance. i used it and quit after 37 years,of 3 packs<br />
a day . it was very easy with the chantix.<br />
good luck .............ddt

My husband smoked for years until his Dr, prescibed Chantix. Insurance doesn't cover it, of course... why would they? It makes too much sense.<br />
Anyway, it works. He didn't WANT to quit. He got the prescription and left it lying around here for a couple months waiting for 'the right time'. I filled it for him on his birthday (July 14th) and he has not had a cigarette since.

That nasty smell. My mother finally quit after her first heart attack and brain aneurysm combo. It took about a year for her house not to smell of it anymore. She has had two more heart attacks and another brain surgery since and now has siezures - all blamed on her smoking for all those years (none of these conditions run in her family history). She's doing much better now again - I call her the walking miracle cause if you were to see her and talk with her you would never know she had these problems. Quit for your job, quit for you family, but mostly, quit for yourself! (Yes, i used to smoke too but quit almost 20 years ago now)