On My Way

This is kinda the first step for me... Ive been smoking since I was 13 and recently Ive been smoking wayyyy too much. I dont work so theres basically nothing stopping me lighting up whenever... and its got stupid.

So after some 'persuading' by my partner and realising what its costing... money and health... Im doing something about it!!!

Basically Im cutting what I smoke in half to start off then a bit more hopefully later on and eventually I will give the bloody things up altogether.

Its very hard. Its actually scarey how addicted I am...Ive stopped before so I know its difficult but its really shocked me. Normally I have a cig when I feel like it and actually forcing myself to wait plus smoking half what I have been has made me feel really c rappy and stressed.

BUT Im gonna do this I dont care how hard it is.

Gemzaayy Gemzaayy
31-35, F
10 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Try this,it has helped me.When you feel like smoking,just take out a cigarette,light it up and smoke but become aware and at the same time enjoy the smoke,don't do anything else except smoke and just watch and smoke.Don't simply smoke whenever the urge is there,it becomes unconscious,just remain conscious in your smoking.See what happens then.good luck.

Thanks :-) Ive decided to stop completely now cause I really hate it so wish me luck lol

Good Luck then.

Try those electronic ones nicolites disable ones I ment disposable there working for me

Thanks :-) And Im glad theyre working for you!!!

Good Job Gemz. I am on your side especially when you want to quit for you and your family. Replace your cigarette smoking with something positive if you can. Ive heard that helps.

Thankyou ;-) Im gonna start exercising sooo hopefully thats gonna help and its gonna be a good reason to get off them altogether!!!

you can do it,,,,you go girl

Thankyou :-)

good luck, i'm also quitting and yes it's hard but determination is everything. go down to a reasonable number of smokes and replace the ones you dont by exercise or gum etc.

Thankyou and good luck :-)

Good for you.

Thankyou :-)

I quit several times and now its been 12 yrs since my last cig. It was always hard when I drink. I'd have a cig in one hand and a drink in the other. I hated the smell and taste. I now feel so much better. good luck

Well done for stopping and thankyou :-)

Quittter! :-)
seriously, good luck with that. I know it's very difficult!

LOL!!! And thanks :-)

I'm cheering you on! I know how hard this but I reckon you can do it.

Thankyou :-) lol I was beginning to wonder but yeah Im much better today :-D

I wish you lots of luck. I have used self hypnosis very successfully have you considered something like that to help you along?

Thankyou :-) At the mo Im coping with will power... never knew I had any lol but I do :-D I might try that if I start struggling tho!!!

Ok if you so let me know and ill send you to a couple of the sites that I found that were better than others. As the hypnotist does make a difference. Or isochronics work well too.

Thanks I defo will :-)