Quit Smoking?????

Well... It's been already 8 years since I'm smoking... and Today I have quitted...

I can tell you.. it's not because of a girl, nor because of someone else, but just because of me... when I asked myself what do I want.. the answer came that I want to live like an example...

I want to be someone different, and If someone smoke, he is no more different, and worst, if someone smokes and wants to quit. Then I assure you, this someone is not worth to be call human.

If you want to quit, ask yourself if you really want..
yoges0107 yoges0107
26-30, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I am still smoking,but don't have the urge to stop.

You will have, soon.... Nothing Last forever...

Yes nothing last,we are temporal.but find the non temporal and that is bliss,thereafter nothing matters

But what really matters is what you are thinking now, and the rest are ashes...

I don't have thoughts,they are long gone,I answer spontaneously.

That is still a thought... We act as we want... not by instinct.

No it is not a thought,go and find what is no thought or no mind.

That is a Robot, not a human...

Yes,that's where you are mistaken.you can't understand.To be in the mind is human,below mind is the animal kingdom and beyond mind is divine

Not a robot but super human,like buddha or christ or krisna or I could go on giving you names but what is the point,you have come to a conclusion and a concluding mind is juvenile.

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