For Me It Was Simple

My doc said I needed to stop. She gave an Rx for Chantix. I took it home and looked at the Rx for a month. Then I decided to get it filled. It was not cheap, but my Rx plan covered most all of it. I took it home and looked at it and read all the literature for another month. Then one day a Monday, I decided to take it. I did, and as the box said I was to continue smoking for 7 days. Which is exactly what I did. Three and 1/2 packs a day. During the week I expected to feel something - anything, but I didn't. The morning of day 8 came. I awoke and thought to myself 'this will last about 15 minutes' . Well 15 minutes came and went and I was not climbing the walls and so incriments of time passed and soon it was time for bed. Well a long story short That was 5 years ago and never smoked since. TRY it.
maninfl maninfl
70+, M
Dec 6, 2012