No More Smoker Gemma

Ive had enough...Ive tried cutting down and its working kinda but now Ive made my mind up... Im stopping smoking!!!

This afternoon I was emptying the ashtray pouches Ive got in my bag then I had to go outside for a smoke in the freezing cold and it hit me... it stinks it makes me stink my breath stink my house and car stink its a pain in the bum and the worst bit? I dont even like smoking any more... Im just addicted to it and thats going to stop.

So Ive been on the net and ordered a quit kit off the NHS...

I know its not gonna be easy but with patches and gum Im gonna get there!!!

My healths gonna be better Im not gonna stink and Im gonna have incredible amounts of £££££££s that I would of sent up in smoke... just gotta get it done!!!

Editing this now cause it was 4 weeks ago.
I havent smoked a single cigarette since... its been hard... feck its been a bloody nightmare but IM DOING IT =D

I havent a clue where they get that amount from lol cause Ive saved more like £430 but hey the times what matters... and yes I was sad enough to remember and look lol

ღღღ 5 weeks in and no cigs STILL!!! ღღღ

Gemzaayy Gemzaayy
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Love this! I have tried smoking, but I never really enoyed it. When I would go out with friends, we would would drink and they would smoke. I wanted to smoke too and they would give me a cig. But after a couple of would make me sick as dog. I wish I could help you not smoke. It's not worth it.

Thankyou :-) Your lucky not to of got into it..... I did when I was 9/10 :O Fcking stupid!!!! But now Im nearly 20 weeks smoke free.. so yay me =D

Keep it up Gemzaayy! I'll keep asking. :D

Congrats! I've been on chantix for two months and I'm still smoking. I think I'm going to try the ecig. I don't know which one is the best, which website to trust. Keep up the good job!

Good luck :-) Ive got a VIP one if it helps and its pretty good and it came next day :-)

Last night I felt like a huge dork! I'm on Wellbutrin (for depression), chantix, and bought the deluxe ecig starter kit, and yet I was still outside having a real ciggerette! I was able to get my case and batteries in pink and got chocolate, vanilla, and menthol flavors. The chocolate and vanilla are so yummy!! I'm just gonna have to throw away everything that has to do with smoking. I swear they put something addictive in there. Other than nicotine, I mean. Every once in a while I'll get a whiff of pot from my ciggerette. I should have my son go hide my car keys for a few days so I can't go get another pack! Lol!

Good luck :-) I know what you mean.... I sold all my decent lighters and ashtray then binned the rest

Very well done .... should be finding it a bit easier to keep up the good work now! :-)

Thankyou... yeah its getting easier :-)

I was hooked for most of my life, stopped 10 years ago after coughing up blood! That was the scare I needed, but too late as it's left me with fibrosis & acute breathlessness! Good luck, :-)

Aww Im sorry its still affected you..... I think Ive got away with it =D

I read that if you stop before you're 40, you're relatively safe! :-)

Yeah I heard them say on the news last year women can smoke to 30 and be OK

Go for it! Love your sense of humour by the way, :-)

YAY thanks =D

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Well done you....wish I had your will power to stop too......!

Thankyou :-) If I have then you have too!!!

True.... I need to engage my will power! Lol

You can do it.... theres a load of ways you can do it... patches gums electric cigs and all sorts... good luck!!!!

Thank you.....!

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Great job

wished i was as successful about quitting. i am addicted and i often myself chain smoking. it's kind of scary when i think about it. it's like i have one long cigarette that never goes out... terrible. congratulation's to you. i be t you feel your energy increasing. i have quit for a couple of time's for about two week's and i could my energy raise. keep it up and good luck to you.

Thankyou.... I used to be like that and yeah I feel loads better for stopping :-) But hey if I can stop you can!!!

Keep going.......I gotta do the same....been so embarassed takin a trip, opening my suitcase and all my clothes smell like's a bunch of ****.....I wish you the can do it....think of all the smelling, clothes smelling, what it's doing to your lungs, energy.......the whole deally sucks..........You Can do it!

Good luck!!! It really is worth it :-) I never thought I smelled much of smoke.... but the clothes in my wardrobes all smelled and it was only like the last week or so I couldnt smell f ag smoke anywhere in the house :O I feel loads better for quitting and you will too :-)

congratulations to a job well done.

Thankyou.... Im on 6 and a half weeks now... YAY =D

Awesome Gemz! You're amazing! :):)

Aww thankyou :-)

Awsum more power to you

Thankyou :-) 42 days today!!!

Well done I can almost imagine your gentle fragrance instead of the stink of old ash tray. Did you have a smokers voice and cough - is that now beginning to improve?
Keep up the positive mental attitude and it will be most unlikely you will ever want to start again.

Thanks =D Erm I had a croaky voice if I smoked a lot... well I always did but a lot more than usual... and I did cough in the mornings a bit but I wasnt that bad!!! I was way worse after I quit actually lol... still am :O I hope i wont start again but Im just going a day at a time at the mo :-)

That's good, keep it up!

Thankyou :-) 6 weeks tomorrow and I havent even had one puff on a cigarette since... even tho Ive really wanted to!!!!

Oh yeah, it's gonna be tough but hang in there. Six weeks that's great!

Im trying to :-) Its hard but yeah Im doing my best!!!!

Thought I had CONGRATULATED you for giving up. Perhaps it was in another thread.

WELL DONE ******Hugs*******

Sniff, sniff It true folks she no longer smells like a smoked mackeral :)

Aww thankyou ;-)


Thankyou :- ) Im really happy bout it!!!

I'm really happy when a nice woman decides to remain on this Earth for a long time.

Aww thankyou thats lovely :-)

EXCELLANT! Very inspirational!...........thanx! I gotta do the same.....I'm over it......

Thankyou :-) And hell if I can quit you can!!!!

Though I don't believe it will happen but let's put my negative thoughts aside and say well done for thinking this! It is absolutely the best decision ever, forget about everything and just think of your health and what could happen if you continue smoking your crazy way! Hope you will get there and good luck!

It has happened lol... I aint had a f ag for 10 days!!!!

Thankyou :-) Erm yeah it is!!!! And I flogged off my Playboy lighters and ashtray and bought nicotine patches with the money... seemed sort of ironic lol

I didnt know that :-/ Damn!!! Well thanks really cause Ive got 4 weeks of patches and its a 10 week course soooo I'll save a load :D

lol Idk why I thought you just wrote the story, I didn't check the date! O.o I am happy you have quit for 10 days so far, that's not easy and surely means you can do it. Keep it up! =)

lol no worries :-) I will do it... its not easy and some times (like now actually) Id really love one BUT I way :D And thankyou :-)

28 days later and I still aint smoked :D

I take back my comment my dear and I am happy for you! <3

Thankyou =D

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You are doing so well!! I am very proud of you Gemma. :)

Thankyou :-) Ive gone 2 days now without smoking a real cigarette :-D I couldnt of done 2 hours before :O

It's amazing isn't it what you can do once you've made up your mind. Keep it up. Or I'll come and get you!! :)

Yeah it is!!! Thanks you too... or I'll do the same!!! :-D

You're on!! lmao

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Hey Good for you! How's it going?

Thankyou :-) Its going really well thanks!!!

Good for you

Thankyou :-)

Food will taste better, and Sex ahhhhh 10 times better as u regain stamina

Sounds good :-D My cigs are in the bin now soooo here goes

Good for you. I hope you can kick the habit

Thankyou :-) I think I will this time... my kits not come yet but I aint had a smoke in over 2 hours now and I dont feel that bad... Im amazed!!!