My Battle Against Nicotine!!

I quit smoking back in august for 72 days!! I felt great,had more energy,was sleeping !! BUT i started back up again after I got bad news from the Dr!! Seems I have ovarian cysts!!! SO that made me panic and I lit up!!

Since then the guilt of starting back up has eaten away at me and now not a shocker,I havent been sleeping again,anxiety is way back up and i just feel over all crappy!!!

SO been making mini attempts to quit to no avail!! But tommrow I will be attempting again with a friend!! Hopefully it goes well!!! This time I do know what my triggers are and will do my best to avoid them or beat them when they come up and Im sure they will!!
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

You did it once, you can do it again. I'm not even going to say good luck, I'm just gonna say, way to go!

Hey, I never thought I'd ever be able to give up……… can be done, haha I've pumped a serious amount of smoke through me during my 35yr habit. When I gave up smokes, I lost a huge part of me, I lost all hope of ever enjoying myself, I lost my best friend, a friend that never let me down.

Don't worry sister you can enjoy life without your friend, you can even cope with the stress of life without it. Just remember that although this friend gives you so much……….it wants something from you, your life! One way or another it gets it that is a %100 garantee.

I gave up by giving myself a huge treat at the end of each day………anything you spend on yourself is cheap if it keeps you away from it………I took out a $10,000 bank loan and
made myself some new friends, best investment I ever made!

Oh good for you!!!!! I dont understand why im having trouble requiting!!! I guess im afraid of the depresion that sets in and the anger of NOT being able to smoke!!

Thanks, it's been a few days now so I'm thinking that you might need a reminder to treat yourself for being a good girl and staying off the smokes.

Thanks Eframe!!!!!Cheers!!