Need To Stop Smokin

last week i was told by my 5 year old son he wants me to stop smokin cuse he wants his dad to live
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Try an eCig! Seriously! I just quit! I'm on day 12! Day 4 I found Blu eCig... thank you thank you thank you! LOL

My son is 13 now... He has begged me since about that age. Ugh. Sir? It only gets worse. They start teaching the kids about smoking and facts that even I didn't know. They will scare him half to death in school and you will feel like the biggest worm ever for smoking knowing your poor child is dwelling with stress that his father will soon die! Oh it broke my heart. I've heard it all from that boy!

I just want you to know... you can do it! And make sure your kid sees all the hardships you have to go thru to quit! It's crazy! My son hugs me every single day and says he's so proud! I let him demolish all of my leftover cigarettes! It was a journey! But after just 5 days of quitting and switching over to the Blu eCig? I was confident enought to know "I got this!" I still have to get to the No nicotine cartridges.. but if I change nothing else? I've kicked over 4000 killing chemicals! And I feel like jumping for joy every day! If there ever was a person that LOVED cigarettes the most? I swear it was me! 20 years and near 2 packs a day and sometimes more! Cigarettes were GREAT with everything! I did NOT want to quit either! I guess as I laid in bed coughing my lungs out and tosssing and turning it hit me... I'm dying!!! If I died? Who is there for my 13 year old boy and my 3 year old girl? Are they ok growing up without me?? HELL NO! Every time I coughed I said "I'm dying." Creepy morbid but it sure scared me to try to quit! LOL

I hope you find something that works for ya! Lots and lots of luck :)

Thank u for ur in put i def will try for my kids