I Do/i Dont

In order to be successful in quitting, I'm told you REALLY have the desire to quit. I've tried on several occasions to in the past without success. Its always the same. I kind of want to, I know I should and I know I need to. But the real, true desire to actually quit just isn't there. Anyone else in that boat as well?
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

You need to do things that will increase your desire to quit. Start with some type of cardio exercise that will make you feel winded. Do some research on the effects on your body, like the fact that a smokers skin is 25% thinner that a non smoker and the effects on the collegen in your skin.! Look at your self in the mirror every day and say out loud all the bad things associated with smoking. I have known so many women that were beautiful like you in their 20's and smoked but by the time they were 35 or so they looked way older than they were. I quit many years ago, one of the toughest things I have ever done. The biggest piece of advise I can give you is, when you finally decide to do it go cold turkey. When people try to slowly wean themselves down they are prolonging the torture and end up cracking under the pressure. It is better to suffer for a week to ten days and get it over with, you will find it easier to cope with more intense withdrawls over a shorter period of time. Good luck to you and dont stop trying to quit!

That may be part of the problem. I've never gone cold turkey. Always a patch, or gum, etc. Once the weather starts getting warmer, I'm going to start running again to get myself in better shape for the insanity program. I think I shall try incorporating quitting smoking with running. Thanks for the support!

I've been in that spot until I had no choice. I swore I would never do this or never do that, but with an addictive personality, the drugs are more powerful than you are. I lost my family, my job, car, home & more. The only way you can take your power back is to quit. How bad do you want to get & pray for the strength to get help?