Made a Commitment But Haven't Started Yet

I started smoking when I was about 30.  At first it was a casual thing.  Just smoked a couple in the evening.  Now I'm thoroughly addicted.  I'd like to have a support network.  Maybe we could all exchange numbers.  We could set a date to quit and then just do it!  When we get a really strong urge we could call someone rather than smoke.


Let me know if you're interested in this.



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2 Responses Aug 24, 2008

That's an interesting story. I was in school when I was 28-31 or so. And in the evening, a couple times a week, I would hang out at the Comet, a bar in Seattle. I really enjoyed these times. I learned how to connect to all sorts of different people. People very different than me, but of course very much the same as well.<br />
<br />
But this was a very smoke filled place! And after hanging out there for a year, I started craving cigarettes. So, I got addicted from second hand smoke. Whereas before I was a staunch anti smoker. <br />
<br />
Smoking has a very negative affect on me though. More so than most people I think. It completely drains my energy. I want to feel good and energetic again and sleep well. Smoking gets in the way in so many ways. I want to stop.

wow, started at 30 eh? I'd always heard that if you haven't started by 25, you never will. What made you start up? What's making you wish to quit now?