I Get Out of Breath to Easily

Hi, I started smoking when I was around 12.

I probably smoked on average of about 1/2 a pack a day. Sometimes a little more sometimes less. I quit once for 2 months. I hardly missed the cigarettes, although I didn't notice that I felt better. If I had really noticed a difference, I may have stayed off them. I felt tired. But maybe I had to quit for longer. Up until the last year or two, I had lots of energy and was very active. Recently, I have not been very active and smoking a little more. Even when I go out to do simple things like raking, shoveling snow, etc. I get out of breath. Last year I was carrying my clubs around the golf course. This year I took a pull cart and could barely breath around 9 holes. I like to be physically active. I have also gained about 20 pounds. I am now 51, so I have been smoking for almost 40 years. I am afraid I will gain too much weight if I quit smoking. My BF chain smokes and I worry about him. I would like us both to quit. Maybe soon we will both try really hard and be successful. NOw that the weather is nice, I can get active so I don't gain to much weight.


Cassandra Cassandra
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Hi Cassandra. My heart went out to you as I read your story. I am an ex-smoker now, and have been as of March 4, 2012. For about 15 years I smoked about a pack every two or three days or even a little more sometimes, and then for the past 10 years, I smoked about a pack every day. I could relate to you feeling out of breath at doing the simplest activities. I do not want to scare or worry you, but at the same time I want to be truthful. Smoking leads to COPD, which can be chronic bronchitis or emphysema. I did not feel the positive effects at first when I quit smoking, but now over a month later, I feel better when I wake up. I do not cough in the mornings like I used to. I can breath easier. I am starting to feel better too. I encourage you to quit when you are ready, but there is not any better day than today. I quit cold turkey and it was not EASY, believe ME, but it is doable. Start out with a quit date and a plan. Look at online resources for help too. If you need encouragement along the way I am here. I wish you and your BF the best.

Good luck to us both ...I do believe cold turkey is the only way to really do it !!! I will try it very soon...God Bless you I know how you feel...i cant even sing a song or cry or laugh without it hurting and loosing my breath !

Hi Twelve. I could relate when you said, "I can't even sing...or cry or laugh without it hurting and losing my breath!" I was the same way. I smoked about a pack every couple three days for about 15 years and for the past 10 it was one pack a day. I quit cold turkey on March 4, 2012 and I am able to breath better and not cough and hack up a lung. I am with you. When you are ready to quit you will. It is hard, but you can do it!

It can be frustrating.