I Quit Over A Year Ago

I quit one year ago.  I smoked up to two packs a day for 35 years.  I tried to stop many times and never got past 24 hours.  This time I tried prayer.  I told God that I needed His help.  The answer was "you quit and I will remove the desire".  This was great except that I argued (in prayer) with Him for the next two years that I needed Him to remove the desire first so that I could quit.  No response.  So, I decided one day (6/13/2006) that when the pack I had was gone that I would not buy or bum anymore cigarettes.  No more smoking.  I also discovered that if you hold out for just a couple of minutes when you crave a cigarette, the craving will go away.  Get yourself some hard candy - honey, eucalyptis cough drops worked great for me.  Pop one in your mouth when a craving starts.  This time was so easy that I couldn't believe it!  God was faithfull to His promise.  As soon as I quit my desire for cigarettes left me.  I still have an occasional mild craving but there are days upon days that it never even enters my mind.  Good luck to you - keep trying and try prayer.
Peabody Peabody
51-55, F
Jun 19, 2007