Feeling Ok

Welll The other night I took my first pill to quit smoking......and it made me sick...very sick. SO I can not take them without vomiting and well...I will leave the other out. That really sucks a big one but on the up side being sick helped!

I took it late the night before and was sick by 1am in and out of bed to the bathroom...yuck! I had no desire to even look at my smokes for that entire day....well until evening came around and I felt much better, even then I only had a couple that I didn't smoke the whole thing. Today I am doing well setting a goal of only 2 smokes, which is turning out to be just fine because I can not even make it thru a whole one, in fact smoking half of it is not even happening...so this is good for a pack a day smoker! LOL tomorrow I have a goal of 1...though I have considered just waking up tomorrow and calling myself a smoke free person, and if I smoke my last one in the pack tonight that will be more then feesable because I will not have any TO smoke!

dreamin2183 dreamin2183
22-25, F
Jul 29, 2007