i'm quitting smoking at the end of this pack. no seriously. i want to quit. today is my quit date planned months ago. i planned this day out completely. i wanted indian food. got it. i wanted to veg out at home, i'm doing that. i am having a great evening at home. and next i will be quitting smoking. i would like this to be it. that i will never have the urge to smoke again, but i'm also realistic. i know i probably won't quit cold turkey, though i find my own habit vile and disgusting, but i would like to realize sooner than later that it can be done.

i have only been smoking since i was probably 21. i worked at this restaurant in chicago and it was the only way to get a break on a 6 - 10 hour shift. it was awesome. we (the other servers and i) would say hey, wanna go swimming. or, hey wanna play some racquetball. you know trying to hide the fact that we needed to defecate on our lungs a little bit.

but that was a million jobs ago and i am now 26. i want to quit smoking to know that i can do it. to breathe fresh air. to wake up and not feel like i'm suffocating. i want to quit smoking because i want kids in a few years and i would love to not be in bad shape bringing them into this world. i'm ready. i haven't been smoking too long, but i must say its been long enough. and i've always known when i'd be ready, i just really hope that it is today.
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1 Response Aug 5, 2007

Hey are you still clean? I'm on day 2 now, using these nicotine lozenges to keep the cravings down. Hope you're doing well!