GAWDDD Its Not Fair I Want to Quit Smoking!

I don't know how to quit smoking? I try and the last attempt started off well and then a friend of mine noticed i was out of smokes and bought me some more and i didn't even say anything!!

Like i couldn't get out of my mouth um i quit..cause i she threw the bag of tabaccoo at me when she got in the car and i was like staring at it wondering if i should let her know im trying to quit...but i didn't say ****.

**** i need to quit. Why doesn't anyone around me want to ******* quit. Why am i the only one worried about mouth cancer and ****. I wish somebody was with me on this that lives by me. All my neighbors smoke.

frosti frosti
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Okay here I go this is my second day not smoking any cigarettes even though I have tabaccoo left. I can't spell anyways, I am determined this time and really need to kick this. I am scared im gonna get cancer. So here it goes and i will start telling ppl too this time!! That is the hardest cause if i fail its embarrassing to have told somebody you quit. I think I will just say I am attempting a serious attempt to quit. I totally need to get rid of the tabaccoo and tubes i do have. That is gonna be the hardest cause if i give it away and have a nicotine fit im gonna be pissed.