Keep Making Excuses

i am only twenty years old, and i have been smoking since i was sixteen years old. it used to not be that bad, like pretty much a pack a week, about. Now, i smoke a pack almost everyday. it is always done by afternoon time the next day. it is getting to be a disgusting, expensive and obviously unhealthy habbit. i dont even know how to break it. i was thinking of going on chantix but i heard from many people i know, that they know people who have been on it and the side effects were off the wall crazy. one man actually tried to kill himself. (apparently suicidal thoughts is a side effect) so i am really not sure what i want to do. i want to be healthy and it is not cute when girls smoke! maybe to some men, but not to my husband. plus, i dont want to die because i choose to be a smoker. also, i keep making excuses for myself. like, oh my husband is deployed ill stop when he comes home or well i just quit when i have children, or whattever else pops into my head. i want to be healthy and i know if i quit now the damage i HAVE done to my lungs will heal since i havent been smoking for like twenty years. i mean you hear it all the time, its never too late to quit. does anyone have any suggestions for me?? should i just go ahead and get chantix? or just quit cold turkey (i dont think i could). i dont know. help!!!!!!!!!!

MissThang420 MissThang420
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 25, 2009

A friend told me just this weekend that the Chantix is making him crazy--just irritable and cranky. Have you tried the patch? I am on my last pack from a carton & promise myself I'd quit when I ran out... yipes....