D Day In T-minus Two Days

I started taking the Chantix last Sunday and I'm supposed to quit like this coming Sunday or Monday. Yikes! I hope it works.

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Thanks, you too. <br />
I had one and a half cigarettes yesterday and nothing since then. <br />
The pills are giving me hot flashes and weird dreams for certain, I had an upset stomach last night but I don't know if that was the Chantix or not... <br />
The hot flashes were driving me crazy - of course I'm freezing today LOL.

My sister and her husbend have not smoked for over eight months, I tried that medicine but it made me feel real nervios. I hope you do well with that I am quiting cold this sunday.Sending you lots of posative vibration,to help you quit.Love and Light mary

Thanks :)