I'm Through With Smoking !!!!!!!!

I stopped smoking for 13 years, when I traveled home to my mother's burial , I asked my sister for a cigarette, this was in 1980 and I have been smoking every since. I told myself why not I enjoy smoking and I can afford it, even the Surgeon General warning didn't stop me. Banning indoor smoking in most places didn't stop me. I stood in the sun and the rain and smoked away because I enjoyed smoking and I could afford it, why quit I was a smoker and nobody was going to tell me I couldn't smoke, even the stigma of being a smoker didn't bother me, if you looked down your nose at me because I smoked, I could care less. Now I have finally ran into the one thing that will make me stop smoking, that is the greed of the cigarette makers, the nerve to raise the price on cigarettes again. This  is nothing but greed. I am angry with the cigarette makers, and if you want me to do something or stop doing something make me angry, or make me feel that you are using and abusing me. I feel that the greedy cigarette makers have done both. I'm angry, I quit, LET THEM SMOKE THEIR OWN CIGARETTES. Get ANGRY AND QUIT

nomoresmokes nomoresmokes
26-30, F
Mar 14, 2009