Today Is the Day

Well I finally woke up this morning and put a nicotine lozenge under my tongue instead of smoking a cigarette.  This is just the beginning yes but I've been planning on quitting for months and this is the first step.  I have quit before, for 2 1/2 years, but returned and have smoked for 2 more years.  So today, August 21, 2007 is my new quit date.  I feel good about it.  Hopefully it will stick.  Wish me luck :-)
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I've already failed LOL...I'm trying again at the end of this month...we'll see.... thanks for the support anyway :)

Hey Reformed.<br />
<br />
way to go... one day at a time.. you can do it.<br />
be strong.. GG777

sorry to hear that, I used the patch the first time I quit (lasted 2 1/2 years). It can make you queasy but if you can bear through it you will feel so good in a month or so. Once your lungs start to open up again you will feel new energy and just generally healthier.

Im doing the old school patch and it seems to be working... Ive felt pretty sick with withdrawl symptoms though :(

Well I'm doing okay but still smoking LOL. I plan on trying again but I think it will be a month or two before I'm ready.

How is it going? hope all is going well. Stay strong

That's awesome Wittyone, I'll have to look into Chantix.

Alcoholics Anonymous has a saying, "Fake it 'till you make it."<br />
Good luck next time.<br />
I had been smoking since I was 16, stopping a few times to have babies, but I always started again. It has been about 11 weeks since I quit with the help of Chantix and I haven't slipped up once.<br />
I took the medication for about 6 weeks (they recommend 6 to 12 months) and then stopped it, not because of side effects but because I felt I could continue not to smoke without it. So far, so good.

Well no I started again LOL....all I can do is laugh. I'm gonna give it another shot here sometime soon.

how are you doing now? i hope still not smoking ...!

Congrats!!<br />
I have been smoke free since August 14 without one slip-up, which quite frankly, surprises me. I am a non-smoker now.

Cool, I'll check it out. Thanks :-)

Thanks Tinkerbell, I'm 2 months without a cigarette now so I'm doing okay. But that magnet thing sounds pretty interesting. I'll have to look into that in case I start again LOL

Congrats Sandy!! To Abby, I was like you, I wasn't sure I really wanted to quit, there were times I really enjoyed it. I had the Chantix for 2 to 3 weels before I started taking it. You know, you are suppose to start taking it a week before your quit date. While I took it for that week, it had the effect of taking any enjoyment I was getting from smoking away, I didn't even like the taste anymore.<br />
<br />
I have been smoke free 5 weeks with minimal withdrawal symptoms! Sure, there are moments when I think how relaxing a smoke would be at that moment, but it passes.<br />
<br />
I am truly amazed how effective this medication has been, give it a shot.

Haha...that's great grafsabrina. I hit one month yesterday, it felt good. I'm using these Australian Tea tree oil toothpicks. They work quite well to satisfy the oral fixation. I'm not even chewing many these days, don't even think about it much.

wtg sandy its been over a year for me now that i quit i went threw alot of pretzel rods and dilly bars to get threw it but i have days i still crave them and i jsut keep telling myself i dont need them i want to live long for my kids and grab a pretzel rod lol

Thanks Sinister....I'll take that luck from ya anytime...sorry things arent' going well for you least your still not smoking....Keep it up!!

As it turns out, hubby has been smoking a few here and there. And just kind of waiting for me to smell it on him, I suppose. Huuuuge sigh. I'm still not smoking, but that sure is a curveball that is hitting me straight in the face. Thankfully the job I just landed does not allow any smoking at all on its property and its property is huuuuge. Not even in your car. So I have other incentive to not smoke other than hubby. But I'm really struggling with being really p1ss3d with him right now. Grrrrrrr. Seriously.

you quit on my birthday man-awsome!!may the power of the l.e.o.'s guide you,lol

Damn withdrawl.... I'm on day 4 now and hubby and I, who honestly never fight, totally had it out before he dropped me off to work. He and I are both quitting at the same time. That may not have been the smartest move for us but hopefully we'll survive it with as few wounds as possible. Sigh, sigh ,sigh. I would so like to take a 3000 mile walk into the depths of mexico right now where I can't speak the language and where I just *might* not **** anyone off.

Good luck with it. :) As long as you know you're doing it for you and not anyone else, that should help as well.

thanks....all the mojo you've supplied me has taken me far coffeegirl!!

Hey thanks, I'm on day 17's getting easier. Yeah this nex tax in Texas made it an easier decision to quit. At $5 a pack, a pack a day...I spent $600 in 4 months on cigarettes...OUTRAGEOUS!! So hopefully I'm done for good. I wish you the best of luck in your journey :-)

I've been smoke free for 3 days now. Today seemed to be a little easier. And yeah, with hubby and I both smoking (and living in Texas too) it was WAAAAY too expensive. And honestly, I kept thinking, "I don't want to be 70 years old and still smoking." I really don't. I only smoked for about 2 years total and for a good year of that time it was really very little. But it did work itself up to almost a pack a day which is just outrageous. I am now Smoke Free. And since I am a Clean Air Breather, I don't smoke. I choose clean healthy fresh air, thank you. The withdrawl symptoms will lessen very soon and then my family can finally be blessed by my smart choices. Continued good luck to you Sandy.

not for the last 6 days! (not cigarettes at least :-))

Gram's is proud of you, you don't smoke do you?

Yeah let me know...don't be discouraged. I bought those nicotine lozenges in April and just now was able to quit. I had set a number of different quit dates and each time I would wake up and smoke a cig instead thinking I was not ready. It finally happened for me when I calculated how much money I've spent on cigs in 4 months ($600!!!). Texas had a tax hike take effect in January and all cigs went up by $1. And I had grown tired of smoking, I was just'll quit when you're ready, only you know when that is

Oh yeah ... hehe ... Good ... SUPER GOOD LUCK to you! <br />
<br />
I'll let ya know how the medication works for me if I start taking it and get some results prior to the completion of your own quest.

I have the Chantix or whatever it's called ... I've been staring at it for a month now and continue to light up. Perhaps I need to take the med and stop puffing, eh? *shrugs* I reckon that just goes to show that not only am I addicted in a MAJOR fashion but that I enjoy it and maybe I'm not ready to stop? ... I dunno ...

Awesome, congrats...I'm trying to not jump the gun and think it's all over yet but it's nice to be this far

Hey, good luck!!! i'm fighting that bad habit too!! more then a week noe without smoking!!! :D

Here I am on day 6...Go me!!!

I used the patch the time when I quit before and it seemed to work, at least for 2 1/2 years. Wittyone says the Chantix is helping her so maybe it's good stuff.

Good Luck with the quitting smoking.<br />
I have to pick a quit date too...probably around Sept. 15th...yeah that seems like a good day!<br />
My mom swears by the Chantix but I think I'm going to opt for the patches.<br />
Good luck again!

No way, if I smoke one that's it for me...I'm a total fiend...I'm not the type to be able to sneak one here and there and get away with it. I'll be back to a pack a day like that (snap!). Finances was actually the main motivation for me. I did the math and a pack a day at $5 per pack comes out to $600 in 4 months, $2400 per year. SCREW THAT!!!! I'm done!!!!! LOL

Kudos to U.<br />
You won't regret it. It was the best decision I ever made.<br />
Except sometimes when you cheat on yourself and sneak one<br />
it makes you feel sooo bad that the next time, your resolve is even stronger. Except that you won't be doing that!!!

Yep, until sleep, that's the best time :-)

Good advice grams, thanks..."I don't smoke!!" I'm gonna keep that in mind

Luck!!! when you get the urge, tell yourself "I don't Smoke" really it worked for me smoke free 14 yrs. Good Luck.

Awesome, congrats :-) I'm hoping the lozenges will get me through but if not I may have to try that drug. I think I'm gonna make it though.

Good Luck! This is my 9th day since I quit. I am using the new drug Chantix, and it has really helped.