Quit Date Monday

i started chantix last monday and this upcoming monday is my "quit date". well i ran out of cigarettes yesterday and vowed not to buy another pack before monday. so today was my first day on the pill w/ no cigs. ITS HARD. honestly i am going a bit crazy. i am feeling extremely irritable. my poor husband has to deal with my nastiness. i just dont want to smoke anymore. i dont want to die from lung cancer. and i am just simply tired of it. i want to start being a healthy person. if i dont quit now i never will. its just so hard. i am getting adgitated at everything!!!!!!! today i honestly just broke down and cried. i really feel helpless and its hard because my husband gets mad when i am a ***** to him so we fight which makes me just want to smoke more. its like a never ending cycle.

MissThang420 MissThang420
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 10, 2009

Dear Mrs. TJ:<br />
It is nice to see you again. I quit chewing Copenhagen several years ago, it was not easy. However, what made it successful for me was that it was what "I" wanted to do, not for anyone else but me. Good luck, and remember each day that you do not smoke is another day closer to total freedom from that bondage.<br />
Love and hugs, JP