Not An Option...

I am 38 and have been smoking for about 20 years. At one time I did quit for over a year with the help of hypnosis. Being the idiot I sometimes can be, I thought I could 'safely' smoke one cigarette with a cocktail and stop at that...that was 4 years ago. In no time at all I was back to my pack a day habit. The health risks, my daughter's desire for me to quit, nor a family history of heart disease could break the hold nicotine has had on me-even though I hate it...the smell, the costs, the dirtiness...I hate all those things! But I recently was diagnosed with latent development of juvenille diabetes. I will depend on insulin injections for the rest of my life or until they discover another way to treat a non-functioning pancreas. Diabetics are 5 times more likely to die from heart related issues. Now factor in my family history and my 20 year smoking habit! Yep, I have no choice. This is a must! I am too selfish... I want to see my daughter graduate college, get married, have children of her own and most of all, grow into the wonderful woman I know she is destined to be! Already down to half a pack a day, plan to lose another cigarette a day each week till I am down to ZERO! Wish me luck.

Jaymes33 Jaymes33
36-40, F
Jan 29, 2010