Help Me Please !!!

 I am very active person...i work out daily i eat well...i keep up my appearance...i do all the things most moms want to do....the only thing i do in my life that i shouldnt be doing is smoking...i want to quit i just dont have guts ..anyone got any suggestions?????

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i knew about the patch....but my neighbor told me to put it on at bedtime and that she has no side affects.....buttttttttttttttttttttt shes also smoking again...that really doesnt help me..has anyone succeeded in here i think i just need to do it period all of your adivce is wonderful keep it coming kimmy

Hi Kim, I am on Champix and I haven't stopped yet as I have only been taking them a week and you only stop between day 8 and 12. I have wanted to smoke less and less each day since I started the tablets and the cigs taste quite awful. I am going to try and stop tommorrow and will let you know how I get on. I got the champix from the Doctor. There are numerous possible side effects but so far I haven't had any just some weird dreams. There is lots of info on the internet about champix and I have heard lots of success stories from friends etc. Might be worth talking to your doctor about champix if it is available over there.

i am not doing well with it at all i still have not stopped smoking anything suggestions you have are great...ive got a ton of stress going on in my life right now that has lead to depression for me..i am at a loss with everything right im not doing so well

Hello Kimberly42, <br />
How are you doing with your smoking? I understand because I am in the same boat as far as to needing to quit smoking. I know that it is hard and I beleive because we don't want to deep inside because it has become part of us. I thought about going cold turkey, but I have never made that step. I have been given a couple of suggestion as far as the patch. I thinking about it very hard. I'm going to set the date and stick to it.

Yes i hear you....i keep looking for a reason why i smoke too....i think when ive got alot of added stress..i tend to run for a smoke.....and your gith about feeling different when you light up....i feel bad when i smoke trust doesnt make sense at times..but it is an addiction....of some to the other comment......yes your right there needs to be determination...and ive got that...its up to my mind...we all have control over our minds..i just need to focus way better then i am right now.....i think i will use the patch....we'll see i just want to be under the non smoking people list hehe

HEY!!!!!<br />
It's NOT 'So Hard'!!!!!!!!!!<br />
You ONLY need 'Two' things:<br />
Desire AND Determination.<br />
GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a patch i just havent put it on yet..i dont have the courage i guess...i know that i dont like smoking i hate the smell...i dont smoke in the house..or in my car.....i dont smoke while im out walking....i go outside to smoke..i just dont know..i think my willpower is lost somewhere ..i just need to quit....a friend of my family....he died last sunday from lung cancer...he was only 44 years old..he knew he was dying..and he didnt stop smoking i thought this would scare me stupid...but it didnt....i think i need a support partner..any takers?

i bought the nicorette nicotine cartridge..inside it says no coffee pop juices..but i do all those all the time but its ok for @ movies or conferences etc the patch is good but too much nicotene all at once..maybe together its ok

Try Chantix, it's a prescription that helps you stop.