Less Stuff To Forget

Aside from all the healthy good sense reasons for quitting the **** I’d like to add a few other things I’ve noticed.  Firstly, I don’t have to carry all the tat around with me.  I used to smoke roll-ups so I had tobacco, rizla, lighter, spare lighter etc.  All this clutter would ruin my fine physique, bulge out my pockets as if I was lumpy.  Tut.  Also, I’d get somewhere and have to unload it all on a table, a desk or the floor, creating some little pile of paraphernalia, owning some place as if poking a flag in – “I claim this space as CrookedMan’s”.
Secondly, I’m not spending money.  Joy.  I go weeks without having to go to the cashpoint.  And, more importantly, not having to go to the shop everyday.  I’m a bit phobic of shops, especially if there’s any chance of queue.  And it’s been great not having to think of interesting ways of saying ‘Small packet of Blue Drum, Red Rizla, thanks’, dreading any conversation that might ensue. 

(Just to say, I've joined this group.  The only other member is deleted.  I'm feeling lonely, already, and now EP is flashing some warning at me not to write a story involving nudity or harm that's illegal in the lovely US.  You guys, so nervous about the word ****.  Tut tut.)
CrookedMan CrookedMan
Apr 26, 2012