Grannym Here We Come

OK I am packing up to take a trip,I am off to see Grannym....I want to go and have a few drinks or even coffee,met face to face and go over my notes with her ''note'' yes I have been taken notes this Lady has taken this shy country girl and showed her how not to be shy about talking about (SEX) omg DID I say that I  out loud!

what should I take will I see she don't wear to much I might be out of place I like to wear cloths.

my list:




money for the male strippers

OK maybe we can just turn on the grill invite other EP friends and just tell dirty jokes and just have good clean fun

My truck is all gas up and ready to ROCK&ROLL

YouWhoRainDancer YouWhoRainDancer
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6 Responses Mar 13, 2010


good the more the merryer

Well, I should fit right in. And at my age, I am almost to the harmless state. (But don't count on it.).

I think she wont mind

Mind if I show up me?

no she never has much on but dont tell her I told you