God is the Goodness

Today as I came from work I was really tired, I used the computer a little bit and my nephew was sitting with me, he asked me if he could play on the computer but I was about to take nap so I told him when I wake up I will let him play, I said that as the call of prayers started outside, in my head I was like, should I sleep or pray first? I knew the right thing to do that I should pray before I sleep, but I was really tired so I couldn't resist, I settled for sleeping in my head, I told him I am going to sleep, he said, but Auntie, can't you hear the call of prayer? Aren't you gonna pray? Oh, I was embarrassed! I asked him should I pray or sleep, he said no pray, and I prayed before I sleep.

Now my nephew is really little, he is not 4 year old yet, so of course  he doesn't understand anything about praying, God or religion, he just knows that there is something called "call of prayer" and "praying" but he has no idea what that is, but he drew my attention that I should pray  because I think he just sees me or sees the people around him praying when they hear that, so he concluded that it is something important to do.

I want that in my kids, if I ever have any.

What is good? It is relative, you cannot measure "the good", as for me, lots of factors make a person good, and when I say good I mean good as a person and good "successful"  in life, lots of factors contribute into a good person, but I believe religion plays a big role in building a good person.

Religion deters people from the wrong, and I am saying that from a practical experience, when I had the chance to do wrong but my religion just saved me and made me a better person.

I want to raise my children with a good religion, even better than mine, children who would pray before they sleep because God is above all!
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
Nov 26, 2012