Really, why? You realise you have the power to influence their entire life, you could teach them about any deity and in those early years they will believe you. Why would you do that? Influence your children like this? I think you would be better to simply teach them how to be good people in society, how to live with endless questions, and how to seek honest answers. Honest answers are those grounded in reality.

Seriously, can you tell me why this would be so important to you?

smebro smebro
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ellemeza, you stated,--'God being left out of the equation- Like Dr. Phil says- How is it working for you? Judging by society- not very well.'<br />
<br />
judging by society?? society isnt only full of athiests. those 'bad people' that give society a bad name, come from all sorts of religious backgrounds. so i dont see how that statement makes any sense. also, to answer the question 'how is it working out for you'. for me [an athiest], everything is just fine. i take care of my kids, teach them manners and good morals. i am probably just like you. regardless of what god i do or dont believe in, i am still a good person, which makes me [an athiest] no more a contributor to the downfall of society than you..<br />
<br />
you also stated,-- 'I also know first hand what it is like to not have God in my life( it was vomit, thought os suicide, poor, alone, unruly behavior, witchcraft, total garbage- I choose to have Him in my life- life is not perfect but it is so much better.'<br />
<br />
that was your experience. most non believers do not feel that way [and those who did, have already converted]. and just because you needed god to make your life complete, that does not mean that all non believers need him too.<br />
<br />
i dont think everyone needs god. if you needed him to make your life better. good for you. but not everyone is the same. not everyone needs god.<br />
<br />
just my opinion

Celainn: I just read the article you mentioned.<br />
How sad, when the guy said that sex has no mystery!<br />
It would seem that like religion, **** is the opiate of the masses as well...

So, ElleMeza, what does God's voice sound like?

I searched ‘conding’ in google and dictionary.com, but no result. What did you mean? If you mean that to argue that he doesn’t exists means I'm suggesting he does...then that’s just stupid.<br />
So, what did you mean Bmedin11?

To argue that someone that does not exist is conding they do.

And we'd be better off if we stopped pretending he was.<br />
That’s where I’m at at the moment.

You said it, five rating for you. I'm becoming active in these beliefs of mine. I'm getting in contact with my school about the possibility of my holding a chapel sermon. There are quite a few things I would like to say about free thought to the student body (As one of them, I wallowed in the sometimes confusion and emotional influences of Chapel three-times a week). I'm a decent public speaker; I have a meme I'd like to share...why not? I think the world would be on a better path if we become a little more active in making a better future founded in reality for our fellow men. I wouldn’t be doing any worse then the assistant principle minister; he is very vocal about God. I hope he’s still there. And while I’m there, I’ll donate ‘the God Delusion’ to the library, and to my biology teacher who was one of the only beacons of reason I knew while there (And who converted a few believers in my biology class himself, armed with science alone). To be honest, it will be a waste of my time as far as staff goes, they will always hire religiously inclined teachers because they have to attend chapel and everything as well, it says so in their guidelines. But the students can be shown a viable alternative. A seed of skepticism. <br />
And from there, who knows.